Further Understudy Of The "microProgramming" Approach To Project Development, Applied By Project Ulogs.org

3년 전

Another microprogramming task was completed again in development of ulogs.org by a "programming enthusiast" and further cements our model as being viable and further highlights "the opportunity" in the "programming ecosystem".

Basically, ulogs is applying a hierarchical method of writing out "issues", where one issue can form the basis for the next. This can bring about some "slowness" to development as is why we using the "development" done by ulogs.org as case-study.

Some "delay" appears to be evident, when project owner has to wait for a current issue or task to be completed before writing another. This doesn't always have to be the case, especially if there are many "developers" on deck for a project, which is a luxury that the use of "microprogramming" in development of projects can afford.

In the recent task development carried out on ulogs.org, a task was given a timeline of 3 days and there was recommendation to increase the "timeline" by other developers. The project owner though, maintained that the task at hand should only require "hours" to complete, if the previous "task" (the one just prior to it) was completed and that became exactly the case. 

The actual delay for the task in question, was actually from a previous task, which if completed, will drastically reduce the complexity of the current task and thus, timeline required.

This was a exactly that case. 

And a lot learned. Both parties benefited overall. As the developer working on the current task, simply needed to re-use components developed in the previous task. Project owner can play a more active role in development, keeping developers in mind while writing tasks, while simplifying task complexity and understand the project development process better.

There is still room for improvement as this method of development still propagates delays as project owner may have to wait for one task to be completed before writing another task request. More we will unfold as we continue our case-study. Solving all the loopholes is our strong point.

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