The Swag Key: Kindly Help Project ULOGS Create The #ulog-surpassinggoogle Editor, To Be Situated On

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This post will generate potential SWAG for project ULOGS hailing from the Philippines as well as open the micro-programming-task involved, up to interested developers or programmers. Each GitHub issue created by project ULOGs is kept as simple and "micro" as  possibly to put "everyone" into the picture. Even in the presence of  time constraints, you should be able to find a task to handle. These applies also to hobbyist programmers and enthusiasts as much as it does veterans. 
If you are interested in carrying out this task, simple indicate in the comments or reach out to @surpassinggoogle using this discord URL: 

Below is a modified copy of the micro-programming-task seen on issue #37, seen as an issue on ULOGS Github: 

Project ULOGS wants to adjust the prior issue create a specialized editor called #ulog-surpassinggoogle by simply replicating the editor on and making some minimal adjustments.

See below: 

Kindly Create The #ulog-surpassinggoogle Editor To Be Situated On

Across, we want to have many editors for several specific hashtags. Well, each of these editors are simply a replica of existing editors on with slight modifications e.g to the default hashtags, to the default  style-guide wording, to the default in-title etc 

For this task, we want to create an editor for #ulog-surpassinggoogle. This editor will be situated on 

All we seek for this editor is simple. Simply replicate the existing editor (keeping all its styling and functions intact), then change the following:  

See screenshot below:

 The title on this editor on the dropdown will be: #ulog-surpassinggoogle (Emulate, Learn, Gratitude, Celebrate etc @surpassinggoogle) 



The "#ulog-surpassinggoogle" Editor. (Note: this is the title of the collapse area) 

@surpassinggoogle is just "your boy Terry" and mere dust overall. His entire tired being, "even that", loves you like crazy.
He breaks down and he doesn't mind, so that "suffering must now have essence" and especially, so that generations yet unborn meet "lights" inside every tunnel.
He is SurpassingGoogle by means of the Teardrops SMTs, which seeks to reward "proof of tears". He is helping to bring forth the art of #ulogging, an entire curriculum that mines the human "into its awesomest version".
You can support him by voting on his witness called "steemgigs"; called so to represent "everyone has something to offer". 


Terry Ajayi's Cookies: (Note: this is the title of the collapse area)  

  • He dedicates his entire steem journey to his mum. Boys do that.
  • He loves humans like crazy, deeply-rootedly, unshakenly.
  • He understands and has done suffering like crazy but loves like crazy still.
  • His substance is deeply-rooted. He will forgive a hundred times.
  • He will sift even the not-so-good to find good in it.
  • He creates beautiful disruptions.
  • He is un(dis)talented, a legit illiterate and possesses rare INTEL.
  • He wants to build every noble dream.
  • He is always on the more testimonial harder route.
  • He celebrates attempts at out-of-the-boxness
  • He will dig, dig, dig, especially if being "this diggist" involves "YOU".
  • To prayers, "his amen is on default".
  • He is ever-unshakenLY "your boy terry"
  • etc


When/How/Why use the #ulog-surpassinggoogle editor?/?/?  

  • If you are ulogging to SurpassingGoogle too.
  • If you want to keep your dreams alive in dream-bits, using your ULOGS.
  • If you want to attempt out-of-the-boxness and some un(dis)talentedness too.
  • If you are ulogging on subjects that you have learned about him as his "true fan".
  • To give back to @surpassinggoogle while ulogging daily.
  • To rehearse CEOism in the art of ulogging.
  • To contribute experiences, selfies, meetups, moments, dreams, imagination etc shared with @surpassinggoogle etc
  • To love @surpassinggoogle like crazy.
  • etc

4. allows you to enjoy the entire steem ecosystem. So, incase  you change your mind and want to do a steemit post like normal, that's  easy!!! Simply remove the default "ULOG (@surpassinggoogle):"  from Title above and kindly remove the default "#ulog &   #ulog-surpassinggoogle" from among the tags in the Hashtags box. (Please  help us as we try to reserve #ulog, only for ULOGS and #ulog-based  posts.)
Want to "mine the human" some more? You can also try one of our specialized editors above!!! 


In general do well to visit project ULOGS here:  for all open issues and if you find one that interests you, you can  decide to do a PR directly, leave a comment here or contact @surpassinggoogle here to discuss charges per micro-programming-task. 

If you want to support an extra witness and you support "steemgigs", simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click!  

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