The Swag Key: Please Help Project ULOGS Tweak The Structure Of The Main Ulogs Editor On

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This post will cover the most recent micro-programming-task from project ULOGS that may require possible micro-funding and still open. We will breakdown the entire issue as relayed on the ULOGS GitHub for likely interested developers. ULOGS will resume with a wide range of micro-programming-tasks in the coming days, thus, we will need to develop a SWAG key for this particular issue.

Here is the recent open micro-programming-task:

 This task is simple. Simple tweak the current framework of the main  editor on, add some wordings, some picture thumbnails, embed a  video and replicate some features. Though allows you to enjoy all activities allow by the  steem ecosystem as it pulls from everything from the steem blockcain,  the main subject of is ULOGs or ULOGGING. Thus, the main  editor is the Ulogs editor. This is a screenshot of how it currently looks: 

 You will notice that it has a set framework already and it works,  with all core features in place and autosave intact etc. e.g it contains  a drop-down that allows to chose other editors, which when chosen loads  the same editor framework but with different default tags, wordings,  and title structure. The task at hand is to achieve this as seen in the screenshot below: 

 Basically, you will place a placeholder image above "the now 3  drop-down modal" and add some wordings to the main editor, all other  things remaining the same.
You will also add an embed area for a YouTube video URL that i will provide. For now, you can simply place this video there: Now here are three images you can use temporally on top of each of the three drop-down tabs: 

 Now are the raw text for the wordings to add in relation to the screenshot above:  

The art of ULOGGING is a conscious effort to "mine the human"  into its "awesomest version", while reshaping the entire INTERNET and  creating legends, icons, great men and women, brothers and "True  Celebrities".
Together ULOGGING, we will remove "all barriers to entry" for content-creation, content-curation and steem-promotion, "making steeming as difficult as 1, 2, 3".
We will own our very cookies; we will re-tap into our shine and recover lost shine. We will fly.
("True Celebrity-hood" for "everyone" once and for all!)
In the world of crypto-kitties, pokemonGO, superman, Blacky the rich cat etc we will bear forth "True Celebrities" (the awesomest version of human). Beautiful Disruption!!! (positive world adjustment).
In due time, we will celebrate breakthrough with the @teardrops Smart Media Token; "@surpassinggoogle".
"There is now light inside the tunnel". Your Ultimate "True Fan" (your boy terry). Happy ULOGGING!!!  

(This is the main editor!)
ULOGS: Each day and "YOU" in it carries its own "freshness". So, not a day aren't we capable of reshaping the entire internet and touching the world with "a piece of freshness".
A ULOG can contain all formats of media, whether sound, pictures, art,  videos, text or a combination of all as long as it is freshly-made (by  YOU). You can be a public or private figure. Regardless, "you are a celebrity and we are your fans". allows you to enjoy the entire steem ecosystem. So,  incase you change your mind and want to do a steemit post like normal,  that's easy!!! Simply remove the default "ULOG:" from Title above and kindly remove the default "#ulog" from among the tags in the Hashtags box.
Please help us as we try to reserve #ulog, only for ULOGs. (If your post is a ULOG, you will not have cheetah-worries etc)
Want to "mine the human" some more, you can also try one of our specialized editors above!!! 

Please maintain everything that exists already e.g auto-save, word-count, etc shouldn't be affected 

If you have the desire of taking up this micro-programming-task, you are allowed to be creative. ULOGS simply aims to replicate its editors and specialize each of these editors to fit certain hashtags. Hashtags will populate the drop-down(s) which are divided into three segments.

If you pick interest, contact surpassinggoogle on discord or through DM here: 

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I think really is a great replacement in Steeming, as it has features that doesn't have

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Assuming you have never used then. It is nice that busy opensourced their project and hopefully ulogs might add some features that even busy could do with for instance most of the interfaces need to fix how they deal with markdown or just use what steemit uses so everyone can be on the same page.


oh yes, good point you have there buddy:-)

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