My entry for the 7day macro-photography challenge by @flamingirl // for the 1st day

2년 전


I'm very thankful to @flamingirl for such initiative it will really encourage us (the new photographers). After getting known about the contest I was so happy also little tensed for good photographs & finally, I find a flower in my garden. I show this to you, whatever if I won or loss that doesn't mean at all what actually means for me that if you like my work I will be happy. So, my steemian friends please share your opinion about this photograph, I hope you will love this.

Here is two more photographs of the flower


f/2 1/100 4mm ISO100


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Such a great click. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much

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Ohhh wow such good blog bruh I liked it even I loved ur posts can't resist myself from upvoting uh so keep it good work let's check my blogs through If u kindly like then upvote and share ur views


thank you brother for your comment

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maza aa gya bhai, lovely pic.


Thank you brother

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Bella... mucho éxito...


Please translate your words in English
Btw thank you for your comment

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@thenuclear, keep it up my friend, very important of flowers in our life. Enviorment clean also from flowers


Yep man you are right
Thank you for your comment

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keep it up bro of luck for this challange


thank you very much

Beautiful, good work m8


Thank you

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Beautiful photograph friend..
All the best for contest..