Strange "object" A snail without a Shell Contest to win 2 SBD

2년 전

Strange "object" A snail without a Shell

When I was walking in the forest I have found this strange "object", I have think in the first that this a snail that has lose their shell.
I was obtrusive I have taken a close look i find that it is like a snail but it was without a shell I haven't seen like this one before but I have seen a banana-slug and everyone has seen like it before.



This is a contest for everyone :
The first one who will figure his name and share an image of it I will send to him 2 SBD as a reward, so go be fast and be the first.

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Slugy slug 😆


😆 you wasn't fast
Stay tuned
more contest in the way


I know man 😂😂


Can you please share an image of it here

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Maybe Arion Rufus.
What part of the world are you in?
This picture is from Oregon :)


Yep looks like you are the winner
Contest Ended


Thank you for your support @souliane. I'm fortunate to see the slug that caught your interest in a walk in the woods. I'm sorry the contest had to end so fast but glad to participate and win. I have a habit of entering contests and losing. Maybe you broke my losing streak.


Thank you so much, i haven't done any contest before,
is my first time and my contest has ended after 40 minutes.
"Maybe you broke my losing streak" i hope that.
Stay tuned maybe i will do more contest .

Very good snail photos!
I wish you victory in the contest!)
I signed up for your post, I'm waiting for a visit!))