Quantum Entanglement and The Morphic Field

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Morphic Field

The morphic field is something that my mother has often spoken about. She would apply this terminology in ways that my developing mind could hardly ascertain. An event that occurs in a certain way predisposes the same occurrence in events that occur afterward.

When an event generates a morphic field, it increases the likelihood of an event occurring again. An example of tapping into the morphic field is clairvoyance or tapping into what we perceive as the past. If indeed time is a continuum, then there is no past or future but simply existence.

According to magic, gods and demons themselves are morphic fields created as a result of human or animal thought. No doubt, you can probably tell when you're thinking like an animal or dealing with someone who is behaving like one.

In order to create a larger effect, you can first make a smaller version of what you want to create. This smaller creation enters it into the morphic field. I would imagine that you can create a morphic field from imagination, ritual, sigils, and the like. The thoughts in your mind can create a morphic field! This leaves me to speculate that some are more skilled than others at stilling the mind and focusing the will. Therefore some people may generate more powerful morphic fields with the power of their thoughts.

Shamans can commune with beasts in the morphic field. I always wondered as a child why Native American and African spirituality often brought up the importance of animals, dedicating special importance to each species. Magic explicitly indicates that shamans commune with animals in their morphic field, giving him special influence over the species. You may notice this with totem poles and animal depictions in ancient cultures.

I have observed this with Solomon and his ring that gave dominion over demons. I always thought the talismanic ring was the pure source of Solomon's authority over demons, but maybe there is another level to this that I overlooked. If a demon has a morphic field like an animal does, this can be accessed and I think Solomon knew this.


While we live in a mathematical reality, we also live in one that is disorganized to a certain degree. There is room for the will to affect reality. Strangely enough, the disorganization of reality can be calculated with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Mathematical disorganization is exemplified by these two examples; Schroedinger’s cat is both alive and dead, the binary code of the universe can be a zero and a one simultaneously.

Quantum entanglement and the holographic universe
Instant communication is magic. Spooky action at a distance is magic. All particles of reality are connected to all other particles in a less than understood fashion. Instantaneous action between two particles is known as quantum entanglement.

The causal world and the world of effects

It does appear that humans can manipulate reality to create certain effects. Our scientific laws help is understand effects rather than causes. For example, what causes gravity? The vast majority of people explain gravity by giving an example where something is dropped or an action has to occur.

What causes the hexagonal spiral on Saturn? What caused your consciousness to exist? These are more difficult questions than explaining our effect on reality. Hard questions, but I think that any question humanity can conceive, we can discover the truth about.

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learned something new today thanks!

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Very interesting line of thinking. I will move through my day with my mophic effect in mind. Resteeming.