Cube 3

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Steven shocked the world by using a Rubik's Cube to get out of a traffic ticket and the video populated social media feeds all over the world. Not sure about cube magic? Think again. He fooled Penn & Teller, then Steve Harvey, Good Morning America, NBC, ABC… the list is still going on from the countless media sources that want to experience what you're about to learn with Cube3. Now, Steven wants to teach you how he uses his closely-guarded Rubik's Cube routine to crush audiences all over the world.

What you'll get:

Steven Brundage's signature 3x3 speed cube
Instructional Download with hours of jam-packed material 

What you'll learn:

Imagination Solve: A slow, multiphase morph of the mixed cube that seems to solve itself.
Toss Up Solve: A jolting solve that people never get tired of watching.
Behind-the-Back Solve: This is the one that the world went crazy for.
Bag Solve: A cube inside a paper bag that seems to solve itself.
Instant Solve: Boom. Fast and
Color Change solve: The cube never moves, but still finds its way to a perfect solution.

Plus so much more:

Eye-pooping cube flourishes
Basic & advanced cube solving techniques
Presentation, handling & performance ideas
Cube care & maintenance

He'll take you from zero to performing the most visual displays of cube magic in the world today. We have thrown out all the gimmicks and show you how to do fearless, impromptu magic with such an impossible object.

No gimmicks
Beginner to Advanced
Completely examinable
A new approach to cube magic

Get Cube3 and start mystifying the masses in a whole, new way.

Price:5.99 STEEM or 7.59 SBD

How to buy:

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