Are You Using Your Magic?

9개월 전


It's taken me a long time to know with certainty that I am creating my life and it is playing out because of my thoughts and actions. My sense of creating with intention extends now to my working with tarot. Every good tarot card reader/advisor probably considers himself something of a Magician. We tap into a realm that provides answers that previously seemed so elusive, we sometimes know with a mysterious certainty how things will transpire. We allow the magic to happen. When we don’t allow it we wonder why things are as they are. Think about what you are allowing into your life right now. Does it make you feel good? Does it anger you? What kind of magic are you creating without even being aware of your own abilities to create?

I think that every day is the perfect day for reflection and discovery, but for some days seem to call for it more than others whether it’s for a hundred people to see or just one person. Time to better direct and strengthen your magic!

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