Weird But Real, Banana Tree Hangs 10, and really very extraordinary

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Dear steemian people, today I want to share with all of you and for sure this is very unique and very interesting and hopefully you like what I share.

Residents of Jalan Suka Rela, Harjo Sari Sub-district, Medan Amplas-Indonesia Subdistrict, were shocked by the discovery of a banana tree growing in a former empty land of PT. Paya Pinang. And where, the banana tree has 10 hearts in one bunch, and that is definitely very unique and hard to believe but this is the reality.


"I have seen it for a month. Initially it was not visible but because of the crowded children who saw it was still excited. They immediately cut the leaves, so that the heart appears, "said a resident there.

This phenomenon is quite horrendous for the surrounding residents. And not a few motorists passing around the location stopped to capture images.

Rarely do they exist and are super unique. So it must be photographed, "said a motorbike driver, Koko when passing the location.

Hopefully what I share can be entertained and become a new experience for all of you.

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