why don’t mainstream systems reward users for being enabled and aware.

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Just came to my mind now while I was making breakfast.

Why doesn’t the mainstream of media reward users for being informed or aware of circumstances. Is it just baked into the control methodology of regular life that those that might be more well informed could be problematic for the rest of the system later on — can’t have them getting ahead of themselves now can we!

We’ve always had this oddly balanced planet with power hungry, power tripping, academic approaches to human connection with each other, all the empathy and compassion has been stripped away for point scoring and self flatulation through constant self narcissism.

It’s all rather average isn’t it?

I mean, I have skirted the edge of society for a good five years or so now and nothing changes really, people are still horrible to each other, everyone is trying to win at the expense at some one else’s misfortune.

Photo by Michael Jin on Unsplash

Where did the humans and humanity go? Was it outsourced somewhere? Did it move itself by modem to an offshore account? Are fax machines still a thing?

Surely it makes sense to reward members of society, even those who have de-subscribed from the notion of society to become pro-active members of society, to be mobilised and empowered in such a way NOT to be a burden on the day to day lives of others.

Surely that’s cheaper in the long run? Why do we have such short processing reaching times for things that don’t fit our currently frustrated that we ‘ran out of something’ mindsets and impulse rash decision making of an ill informed data set.

I wonder if we costed in apathy in a truly connected world?

I mean the creators of wall-e did, from the hovering craft that take us everywhere, that exposed the impulses of fashion and food and retail to the unfit, out of time and space, vacant, overweight carcass humans that they ended up being.

Will billions of apple iPhone owners turn on apple now they forced the covid-19 tracking in a physical update on their phones, can you turn that off? Can you uninstall it? Where is the line between being a supposed model informed citizen who allows to be data tracked in a supposed anon swarm of data points or are we just destined to be the herd as they speak off?

I’ve always found that society only seems to put sticking plasters on deep cuts and hopes that it will make it in some way better. We throw gobs of money at it, the problems just increase, they become attack vectors almost.

What will the world look like next? Will Web 3.0 just be the same as Web 2.0 but instead just some sweaty intelligence hardwired in a bubble fluid. We seem to have forgotten that it takes everyone to be lifted up otherwise those who feel injustice swap to the other side and fight against everything you are trying to change for.

Oh, and I ran out of coffee and biscuits.

At least I can get flour now!

Alright, until the next brain fart comes over tea making!

Mouser Out! xx

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