How Steem Brought Me Into Crypto ( @whatsup reply )


1. How did you hear about Steem?

Carl aka @stray is a friend of mine that turned me onto steemit. He said it was a way I could make back the $80 that I owed him. At first all I seen was @steemsports posts and turned right away. It wasn't untill I joined a discord chat @stray linked me to that I got past the trending page.

2. When did you join?

Thats easy my profile says it right on there...... You know this @whatsup

3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

$$$$$ So as I said previously I kinda owed @stray a little money. Also I was intrigued to learn about the cryto world. After my first discord visit I was quite aware that steem was something like bitcoin which I knew little about.

4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

I'd have to say that almost immediately happened the second I started with Steemit. I begin looking into faucets and other routes of obtaining crypto without inputting money to begin with. I found @klye had a steem faucet and immediately made 5 emails and went to town sending all the faucet money back to a single account. I figured hey its the huge internet nobody will miss my little gulp from this faucet. Well when I stumbled back into the discord chat @walden greated me with how he heard I did that and it wasn't nice. The community got a lot smaller to me that day. So I gave back my unfairly taken steem to @klye and apologized. He gave me back tenfold of the steem I took because he like my honest nature. I settled for some mining in the end. I mined xmr and exchanged it for steem to build my sp up.

  1. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

I see it as another form of money. I know it is more volatile and has the chance to become more valuable if I play my cards right. I hate seeing Federal Reserve Note on every dollar I spend. As of now I'm just trying to ride out these lows. Its also winter where I live which is kinda a drag on the economy. I've spent some good portions of my steem to help make ends meet. So my current interest in steem and crypto is as a way so supplement my survival.

  1. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Not sure the exact question. I do like to hold Steem Power because posting voting commenting is a great investment. I do like to use Crypto and Steem to make ends meet but in the end I'm just having fun if thats an answer to this question at all.


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Thanks for doing this! :)


No thank you!!! Got me thinking back to my roots.