Ok baut yang baru jadi ibu silahkan di coba resep nya

3년 전

Love omelette please try recipe ala steady![FB_IMG_15270755523040579.jpg()
Okay just the way its quite simple
One or two chicken onion.
celery leaves
. red bean
. garlic.
pepper powder sufficiently
. chili pepper seswai taste.
curly cabbage.
flavorings of taste.
cooking oil for frying

FB_IMG_15270755591324595.jpgHow to cut the pitong of all the ingredients tastefully gelelai then mix all the ingredients abis it fried in the oil that has been hot enough to make it more steady taste or taste, if the egg omelette udaah ripe then serve good luckFB_IMG_15270755591324595.jpg

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