What is Display Social and How to earn money with it? | A Step-by-Step Guide

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Ever wondered you could earn money using Social Media? In this article, we will discuss Display Social (formerly Tsu) a platform that allows you to earn money just by doing that. I will also share a live conversation with one user who is passively generating a good amount of money every month only by using it for 2 hours daily. We will discuss the following topics in this article:

What is Display Social?
How to make money with Display Social?
How does Display Social Pay?
Story of a display social user and his earnings
Earning Potential and Difficulty
Is Display Social Worth Doing?
Payment Proof

What Is Display Social?
Display Social is a social media platform just like Instagram and Facebook that allows you to connect with your close ones. But apart from all these, it pays you to use the platform. Unlike the social media giants that profit from your content, Display Social gives you 50% of the ad revenue that is generated on your content. Can anything get better than this? We did a google search and found on average a user spends 2 hours and 30 minutes per day on Social Media.

Now if you use the same 2 hours and 30 minutes per day on Display Social, it is expected that you will earn around $100/month or more within a year. We will discuss the various earning methods that you can use to maximize the earning potential.

How To Make Money With Display Social?
There are multiple ways how you can earn money from Display Social. We will discuss each and every method in detail so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity:

  1. Total Post Engagement: The more engagement (likes/comments/share) you receive, the more money you will make. To understand it better we will understand it with an example.
    Example: If two users post one picture each. The picture which gets a higher number of likes, shares, or comments will earn more money than the other.

  2. How much you engage?: This is an interesting factor where the more you engage with other user’s post, the more money you will make.

  3. Support Me: On every post that you make, you will see the like, share and comment option on the bottom left and one ‘Support Me’ button on the bottom right. When you tap another user’s ‘Support Me’ button, an ad will appear. The money generated from the ad will be shared with the user that you supported. Similarly, if someone supports you then you will receive money. You can support each other’s content and you will earn money with that.

  4. Turning on Ad Preferences on your profile: You should definitely do this to generate more revenue. Once you enable this, other users will start seeing ads whenever they visit your profile and you will make money.

  5. Referral: The referral system in Display Social is another simple yet powerful method to earn money. You will earn a lifetime bonus of 10% on the total earnings that your referrals make which means if one of your referrals turns into an influencer on Display Social, you will also earn big.

How Does Display Social Pay?
Now everything comes to this question – How does it pay? As we have already discussed Display Social will share 50% of the ad revenue with its creators to make it a win-win situation for everyone. Currently, the only mode of payment in Display Social is Paypal. The minimum amount required to withdraw is $25.

Story Of A Display Social User And His Earnings
As I promised to tell you about a user who has turned his followers to almost 20,000 in the last 3 months. He is Kannan KR. You can find him on Display Social by username “@kannan4m”. I talked with Kannan and asked him a few questions.

Ashis: Hi, Kannan. How are you? Tell me how you have managed to gain such a massive following within a short time frame?

Kannan: Hi, Ashis. I am good. Being active is the key in Display Social. The more active you are, the more money you will earn. My followers earning strategy is to follow around 100-200 people daily and like their posts. In turn, I have always received a follow back and more likes on my posts.

Ashis: That’s great. Can you tell me how much time you are spending on the platform every day?

Kannan: I usually spend around 2 hours on average here. I post around 12 times a day to keep my followers engaged!

Ashis: How much are you earning from it?

Kannan: I am currently making $1-$2 per day passively just because of the likes I receive. And I don’t put much effort into it. I just post and all my earnings happen automatically. The best thing is the platform is very new. If I am earning this much so early then just imagine how will the earnings grow when Display will become a mainstream social media platform.

Ashis: That sounds interesting! I am sure a lot of our readers will definitely learn a lot from this. Do you want to give some tips to our readers?

Kannan: If you are just starting out, then I will suggest you post and be active as much as possible. Gaining followers in Display is easier than the bigger Social Media platforms. And I am sure if you give 2-3 hours daily, you will be earning $1-$2 of passive income within 3 months. If I can do it, you surely can!

Ashis: Thanks Kannan for your time. It was really a great talk with you.

So this was our chat with Kannan. I am sharing below some of his follower statistics and earnings to motivate you all. You can follow him at @kannan4m

Earning Potential And Difficulty
The initial stages in Display Social is hard as you won’t be earning a big amount. But if you give enough time to this, then it can surely be a great passive income amount. The difficulty is very easy as you just need to use Social Media.

Is Display Social Worth Doing?
As already mentioned, the initial days will be tough as you won’t be having much content and followers. But as you give time to it, your revenue will appreciate and you will be earning a really good amount. The best thing is this is one of the platforms which will allow you to earn passively in the later stages rather than the others where you will have to work actively to earn money.

It’s definitely worth doing and I have started to post content on the platform. This is really a great opportunity.

I hope you liked the content. Do share it with your friends and family.

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