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hey guys what's up Sheroze here on this blog will show you how to make money on Instagram in 2018 I made a blog about this stuff like around 1 year ago but things have changed a little bit. I prepared another 2 3 methods that you
guys can use today implement today without any issues they're free easy to do and they can make you love money so be sure to check out this blog till the end.
okay guys let's get this start as I told you I'm going to be showing you how to make money on Instagram in 2018 and it's
still pretty easy to make money on Instagram and there's a huge opportunity out there because everyday everyone is using Instagram right now people make tons of money out there there's influencer marketing there's all kinds
of stuff but today I really want to show you some easy steps that you can do, you don't have to be an influencer with a
million two million followers. I'm going to show you today is stuff that you can do if you even have a few hundred followers if you have a few thousand followers and to be honest the followers don't even matter you can use some of these methods right here without even having any followers interest within a few days to generate traffic to
your sides all you have to do is you need some kind of a product or an affiliate product in order to make money and put a link in the bio and actually link to the product. if you're signed up for an affiliate product if you want to promote a Clickbank product or anything like this you will actually link them to the landing page I mean you can link them to
the actual product page but of course then you miss out on actually generating leads and stuff mean generating emails and things so should always make sure that you generate their emails or get their emails before they actually be redirect to the product page and so that you can actually get them into a funnel later on so something okay so that's basically the condom right but I'm sure you already knew this before the blog right here so the question really is and what everyone is asking how do I get people how do I get tons of people actually to click the link in my bio right and that's pretty simple all you have to do is or basically I will show you like two methods right now how to get people click link in your bio I want to show you two ways right now and how to do this right so the first way would be get people to click a link in your bio by engaging with them okay so what do I mean with engaging with it on Instagram you have like a huge selection of other people in your niche other brands other product influencers and all kinds of stuff in your niche right and these people they have followers or people who actually engage with them who could be interested in your product which means they could be potential clients of yours right so what you're going to do is you're going to go to Instagram right. Put a keyword in the search bar as per your niche. there you can see a huge list of pages with 500,000 followers there's tons of people engaging on every picture. let's just take any of the picture. what you will do is you go through a
picture and you see all the people right here Commons and who actually liked the picture right so what you want to do is you want to click on the likes. go to the people who commented and you will follow them right you will click go
to this person right here you will follow the guy and you will actually also go to a picture of that person or face and actually like it or something preferably like the last pictures you posted and stuff if you want to go real hard you can also leave a comment right but this is basically how you engage with people in your audience right and a good thing right here is I'm sorry in your niche so the good thing right here is all these people who like this stuff who like these kind of
photos if you're in a success motivation is they will also most likely be interested in what you have to offer if you have to if you offer something product in this niche right so that you can do this with all kinds of niches you could do this in the weight loss Fitness niche or any other niche you like right it really doesn't matter so that's really one way you have two things right here right you grow your followers you grow your followers because there's always a certain amount of people following you back of the people you follow let's say you follow 100 people a day 30 or if you're good 50 people of them will follow back and out of these 50 people a specific amount which is most of the time like 10% it's actually
going to click your link so here's the thing right um if you follow thousand people a day and you have a 10% click read yet right you already get a hundred clicks right here right so that's a hundred potential clients that you get
to click on your link right here every single day so 100 day 30 days a month that's like 3,000 people every single
month that could already click your link right here and go to your product page just because you spent 10 minutes a day
for 20 minutes following people and liking their pictures and stuff okay so that's the first thing right here but you can also combine that with another way that I want to show you right here and that's how to make your photos go viral and that's really something that many people are most of the people out there Instagram and also
a lot of people I work with and stuff they don't know that right they have no idea how to actually make their pictures
seen by a lot of people and that's because they don't know how to properly use hashtags right so the problem with
that is that a lot of people have no idea that they actually have to post like 20 around 20 hashtags
a picture in half and sometimes they they just post a picture with no hashtag at all I mean you can do that if you
have like a million followers or something because then magics don't matter much but especially if you have a
newer account or accounts that have less than 100,000 followers or 500,000 followers um you should always post a bunch of hashtags and of course again in your niche right so don't post some random hashtags that have nothing to do with what you're doing right but actually post something some hashtags that have something to do with your niche
so what you have to do is to first don't put it in the first in the actual caption right put it in the first comment on the picture so you post a picture and then like two or seconds after that and by the way put it in your like if you have an iPhone put it in your notes at like put the ad put the actual hashtags there before you post the picture so you can just
literally like copy and paste them real quick once you posted a picture because it will take too long because this is
really about timing also right because you don't want to let too much time pass before you absolutely post the hashtag because Instagram also values the the how fast your your picture is actually seen on the explore page that's how they
call the call they pick the page right here right by doing that um you will actually make sure that for example if we take the hashtag hustle ,whenever someone is searching this hashtag and believe me a lot of people are searching for hashtags like this they will see your picture they they will click it and they like it and check out your stuff if they like the actual content right so um so how do you do this how do you get your pictures on the explore page is really simple.

I hope you guys like this blog right here and learn how to make money on Instagram in 2018. I appreciate
you're putting your time reading this blog.!

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Hello Sheroze, Is there any youtube Video also about this info that you have made. Either create one or post the link here. People learn fast by seeing things done.

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