Makeup Challenge Day 7! Pink & orange ;


This look was done with an eyeshadow that the company no longer makes (which breaks my heart). It's from Urban Decay, it's a duochrome orange/pink colour and it is so gorgeous.


The replacement colour they put out is more pink than it is orange, and I'm all about that orange considering its my favourite colour. Plus the palette it comes in has like 15 colours and I only really like the one. No point in spending $60+ just to use on colour.


I tried to combine my current favourite concealer with my go to foundation and they just we're not having it. It looks fine in the pictures, thankfully, but started flaking off really badly about 4 hours into wear. Not fun. But now I know for next time!!


This was my go to eye shadow for the longest time, but I'm running very low on it and want to try to savour it for as long as I can 😋

Thanks for joining in!

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