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Hello Steemians!!

It’s been a long time since I posted but I was reminded a few weeks ago about how awesome this community is, and how much I miss it. Whilst having dinner with @amandaclarke I was shaken out of my little bubble and wondered why I had drifted from this platform. Thankyou Amanda for a fun night out, and also for unintentionally bringing Steemit back into my brain!

I also want to thank @holoz0r for making me write down my password many months ago during our Mallsballers meetup at the Jade!! He ripped a page out of his journal and insisted that I write down my password for safe keeping and I’m super thankful!!! My account was logged out and if I hadn’t squirreled that password away I would be locked out for eternity!! Your thoughtfulness has been much appreciated @holoz0r !

Soooooo what have I been up to?!

Well for those of you who don’t know, I’m 34weeks pregnant with my fifth baby! Once I found out the news I fairly well hermited out of my usual life and put all my energy into baby-growing and our house renovations. By the way...designing a kitchen and choosing carpets and paint colours is the ultimate ‘nesting’ fix!!!

So I’ve been homeschooling my four boys, renovating, growing a baby, gardening and preparing for the next season of life. And I’m sad that I haven’t shared this whole journey with you, but I have plenty of things to catch you up on 🌱

For now, I’ll leave you with this photo of my first Chinese Lantern blossom on my tree. I planted it in Autumn and was promised that it would flower throughout winter. So far it has!! And so have I as I enter this season of parenthood and our family grows from six to seven.

Bless you all!!!!! It’s good to be back!!!!!

Let me know what you’ve been up to!!


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Hey Jessi! Glad to hear you're well, and busy! I've been working on my photographic portfolio relentlessly in an effort to gain professional accreditation.

You can find me on Instagram under the same username as here!

Now that you've dug out that password and paper, make another copy and put it somewhere safe!

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Hehehe yes I’ll take your advice again! Oh awesome I’ll look you up on insta :)

I don't know how I missed this. I know it's been a few months, but I hope you read this eventually, somehow.
You are missed by the community here. I know raising boys and a new baby doesn't lead to a whole lot of "me time" but I do hope that you manage at some point to have a night off occasionally.

Wouldn't be the same without him. Great to see you post again, Jessi; can't wait to meet the new addition xx

Lovely to see you on here again, Jessi. So glad you got back on. All hail @holoz0r!

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Welcome back :) Yay for having an oldschool method of password recovery! XD

Sounds like you've been busier and it's not really going to get much less busy and it's okay, now you have a nice backlog of posting material and will never have nothing to write about ever again ;D