My original samurai manga -Jingi- chapter37

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Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

This is a -Jingi- New Chapter post

-Jingi- is not my previous work, it's my original manga that I'm currently working on

About hints to read manga before

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)
  • If you do not understand how to read manga please read the sentences under the picture. It's written in the order of manga

-Jingi- Chapter37↓

It's good hot spring!
Hot spring after work is always the best!

Sure! Tiredness will be healed at once!

I'm sorry

A big river "Dohyou" will be formed in the village in a few days...I'm looking forward to how they react!

Btw Ichibei-san, how did you come up with that strategy?
Were you once a warlord?

No way! I just remembered my childhood game!


Sure! I think you've done that too…make a circle with a small stone near the river...and…

Put some water in…
Completion of a small pond!
That's exactly the Dohyou!

Wow…Did you think that strategy from this game?

We can't think like this! You're a genius!

Ahahaha Are you serious?
But I only thought about that first part…
If everyone didn't think of a specific part, it wasn't established as a strategy…

Ara…Your humble remarks are also good...
Shall I wash your back if you like?

Oh good!

I'll wash your back! I clean up any dirt with my trained body in an instant...


No! Hahaue~that's enough~

Takebou, hold on a minute…

It’s a little more patience, Takebou-chan~

About your father?

I remembered when I was fighting with you...
My father was really strong...and strict...but he had deeper love for me ...
Chichiue was a real great person…
My father said before he died...
"Promise me to protect the grace given by this villagers and ancestors"
I did a lot of training for that...But if you didn't come, it was difficult to find a chance to win them...
I'm really grateful

Don't worry about it…It was you guys who helped me first...I'm very grateful

But why did you suddenly cooperate with us? You had a purpose too, right?...

I actually remembered the same as you...About my father…

About your father?

Yeah…My story isn't that interesting, but...

It's okay, Tell me about it if you okay

I grew up in a mountain deeper west from here...Smaller than here...and a closed village...
The village was ruled by the Takeuchi family, who was my family...
My family was protecting a special treasure there...
I can't tell you's a very important treasure in this country...
I grew up in the village as the eldest son of the Takeuchi family.
So naturally I was obliged to keep the treasure in the village...
If nothing was wrong, I would have finished my life there…

But one day, those who had bad intentions attacked our village…
Their aim, it's of course…the treasure...
My father fought with them to protect the treasure and us…
Fortunately I fled to another place...and the treasure was hidden so it was not taken away...
But unfortunately my father lost his life in that fight...
The back of my father I saw at that time...and when I saw you protecting your family, it overlapped with my father's image...
My father also fought this way to protect me...
Honestly, I hesitated to help this village at first...
Because NMG remembers my face, I thought it would be more complicated if I got involved...
My involvement may result in an unnecessary burden...
…So whether or not this judgment was really correct...I still don't sure...

Your not wrong


I'm sorry…
I was really scared when Chichiue was attacked by them...
I don't think Chichiue would lose, but they might have been going to kill I really wanted to get away…
But I thought when you said would fight for us...
You are not a villager but you told them like that... I must not run away as a villager…
So I thought I had to show my will to fight... So...

So you his head…"Boom"!

Yeah…But did I overdo…

…Your not wrong

There should have been no villagers who chose to leave the village in that situation...
Rather, everyone should have decided to fight firmly by saw at your actions…
You should be confident…


However I was pretty impatient ...
Don't do that reckless thing anymore

…Gomen nasai

Yasa-san, and all! Please come right now!

What happened?

Douan-san is come back! but He’s alone and…he’s bleeding heavily!!

Douan!! are you alright!?

Don't have much more time…left…!

The next chapter is scheduled for 6 days later(October 26)

And I may post a re-edited version of the -Jingi- about character names and settings in the near future…
If do it, maybe new chapter will be posted 9 days later.

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

Have not you seen the -Jingi-仁義 series yet?
My Original Samurai manga -Jingi-仁義 can be seen here!

Chapter 1-2-3

Chapter 4-5-6































All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
It is a traditional Japanese paper made from 1300 years ago.
This is my Washi of post↓

  • Main Characters name↓

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