User manuals

4개월 전

The program purpose, tasks and capabilities, interface descriptions, program functions and their application, configuration and much more are an integral part of the document called the user manual or instruction manual🔖

For a long time, 👉🏻Req & Doc's specialists👈🏻 have been helping clients to create documents competently and modernly, where application software products are described in an accessible language. The documents are drawn up in such a way as to help every person🙏, regardless of the level of intelligence.

The user manual is intended to provide the user with the ability to independently solve the program's tasks 💿 It could be related to technology, transportation, etc.

❌Unfortunately, the user manual, designed to help users, often does not help, but complicates the entire process of acquaintance with the product. This is due to the fact that the authors simply describe the software product, but they do not take into account the tasks and difficulties of users.

✅At Req & Doc we focus on quality, and the results of our work are self-evidently:


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