What's your favorite strain of marijuana?

5년 전

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite marijuana strains are and see some photos of those big, beautiful buds!

I'm going through a Sativa phase personally right now and have really been enjoying XJ-13 which is a cross between Jack Herer and J13 Haze. It's got a very light, fruity taste to it and is quite potent!


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i like green crack the best. Seriously I can think on it and do more... not a drop you over type strand

Holy Diver from Snow High. I love growing it. Mature, it is up, happy, and trippy. Picked early, it is like drinking a cup of coffee.

Here is a picture of a 10 footer: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-sWyAFzGebEc/VHkhn6B5AUI/AAAAAAAAADE/BAKDidP_fes/s1600/image%2B(14).jpg


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Wow, awesome! Thank you!

Nice one, I can smell it and taste it by just looking at it. Here is a pic of Gorrila Glue:

Northern Lights...


I love Sativas, love that smoke a bowl and wanna clean my house kinda high

Raspberry cough