I love bud. This is a small part of a nice harvest!

2년 전

It's a lovely thing to wake up to, some beautiful buds ready to be trimmed. It's gonna be a good harvest. Who can guess the strain? :green_heart:

@steemcafe @worldtraveller32
When you need extra space, dry over the bed.jpg

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Looks yummy!
Your room must smell awesome!

Hope to see your posts on https://smoke.network soon?

It looks like you are playing pocket pinball to your own plants lol.


Haha don't worry, that is not going on in the background! Definitely is a fun thing to wake up to!


You aren't the only one who dries in your room :P


My man! Nice! When you're limited on space you gotta do what you gotta do haha!


I kinda like drying in my room.


I like waking up to bud over the bed lol

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Lovely little crop you have there :)

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