ZOOMED IN on cannabis

3년 전

Every time I zoom in on things with my microscope,
I feel like I'm in a completely different world.
Seeing things in ways most people never will.
Getting a better understanding of things on a deeper level.

Everyday familiar items become hard to identify.
They take on completely new shapes that sometimes look out of this world!

When zoomed in 100x to 300x, Cannabis looks AMAZING!
Especially when the THC content is extemely high. (over 20%)
Or maybe I just think that because I'm really stoned from smoking this delicious bud :) lol

You are looking at Tricomes (THC), the part of cannabis that actually gets you high! ;)

These are all pictures from my most recent harvest of Critical Widow.
Thanks: True North Seed Bank

Critical Mass X White Widow.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of my cannabis zoomed in!

Remember, Cannabis SAVES LIVES!


peace, love n all that hippie shit

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Damn, some of those close ups make the weed look like sea anemones.



Wow, that looks crazy awesome!

These are rad pictures man. How do you get the pics through the microscope?


thanks. i got a digital microscope that plugs into the usb on my computer. I posted a picture of it in a comment below if you are interested in seeing it.

Love the Stringy Trichs!

Your ability to get this kind of clarity is amazing, thank you for posting these up. :)

I only saw one amber trich, only a week or so from harvest! Oh yeah :D

When to Harvest for Maximum Terpene and Cannabinoid Potency

is the post I wrote up which explains a great way to check for when to harvest. :) Anyone who's had cannabis which lasts 30-45 minutes, or which put you to sleep inside 15 minutes, should take a quick peek. ;)

Be Awesome!


Yeah, i actually pulled these a bit early because of a space issue. The others finish this weekend! :) good eye. Ill definitely check out ur article because u obviously know your stuff. Take care


Oh Good!

Not all were harvested early. You'll notice a big difference in how long the high/stone/effect lasts, between your first harvest and this next one. Taste the difference in terpene profile and potency. There will always be early harvests happening from time to time, I try to help folks make sure there's also excellently timed harvest cannabis around as well. :D

Very happy to share the things which make my life so much more enjoyable. ;) Hope you get as much out of it as I do. :D


only 1 came out early, so that's not terrible. unfortunately I have a schedule to keep and limited space so sometimes this kind of thing happens. Last time I had a light go out on me about a week before finish :/ It seems like it is always something.
I feel like I am pretty on top of it for the most part, I've been doing this for a while now and I rarely see quality like mine. But It's always nice to have a knowledgeable person around to keep me on my toes (I did read your post). So I appreciate the comments and hope to hear more from you in future post.
Cannabis saved my life, so I understand the enjoyment you are talking about ;)
take care and stay high my friend.


Life is What Happens While We're Busy Making Other Plans...

Completely understand. :) Glad you're around to enjoy life.

Go Be Awesome! :D

that looks like some sticky icky right therrr... hey @cleverbot do you like white widow?


My guy friend told me.


It sure is! ;)

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this is really cool, thanks! :)

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Nice pictures! Upvoted from @neowne
If you like cannabis you should see this!


I did check it out and I will probably participate. Gotta support cannabis coins! :)

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Yes sir, gotta love it!

Dude.. these are inedible shots!! I live in Indiana so it's extremely difficult to get bud this Crystallized. Keep up these posts!!!!


Thanks man, i put a ton of work into them so its always nice to hear great compliments. If you like this content check out some of my previous posts on cannabis. And there will definitely be more cannabis content to come! ;)


Are you interested in getting cannabis and marijuana legalized in your town? Here in Denver Colorado they were able to legalize pot because they said the taxes they collect would go towards the school system. Our schools here in Denver Colorado are actually pretty good. But I think some parents needed it a good reason to smoke pot.


I helped get the bill passed in colorado for medical marijuana nearly a decade ago.. i was one of the first 1000 people to have a red card ;) i think the whole world should legalize it!

Very nice shot my friend. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.
please upvote and follow me i really need help growing on steemit..


Thanks man.. i checked out ur profile and left some comments and upvoted some of ur articles :)

omg so cool...i could stare at that the pics for hours! so intricate and beautiful, truly magical...cannabis does save lives! i'm gonna have to find some of this critcal widow lol...good job on the growing! :)


Magical indeed :) im so mesmerized everytime I use this microscope.. I pulled it out to take these pictures quick and ended up staring at it for hours! Lol
Thanks for the compliment :)


lol i would have probably done the same :) what a cool microscope!

wow! yeah! this is amazing!!! thankyou!! now following for more of these!!!


Thanks, I think so too :)
ill be doing another one tomorrow or monday!


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Cool, thanks! :)

What kind of microscope do you have? I've been looking for something like this.


Im looking at the box and cant find the name of the company. I guess its just called Digital Microscope (thats all the box says). I got it from amazon, i think it was like $80.. here is a pic

Will you post more of these? With a different strain maybe, like purple ^^


Yes, I do plan on doing more of these posts :) I already did a post like this with sour d, check out my page!
I only do this with strands i grow so i am limited to how many times i do these types of posts. I will be doing another post this sunday so follow me if u dont want to miss that. Then green crack and blueberry will be coming in the near future. ;)
Stay high my friend

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I didn't know if u would do it multiple times, so i thought id try. Lol

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