A Poem - One More Sleep til Bongmas

4개월 전

One more sleep
Until I'm hitting up that bong
Got a fat order coming in
Been sober so long
Been over a month
Since I tasted the herb
I've felt like I've been on the curb
Doing prison time
Y'all none smokers
Don't know what its like
Be a gangsta G male middle aged playa who's white
Life just ain't the same
When you cant tame the brain
Body soul and mind
In disharmony
Lifting trees to pass the time
Running 8 mile trying to stay fine
But productivity
Falling like kief in a grinder
No wee power hits
For my Irish Adonis bod
Struggling to stay productive past 6pm
No longer a demi-god
Need me performance enhancer
Wanna 420
Jonesing so hard
But tomorrow is Bongmas
Going to have plenty
I'm already springing to life like a jack in the box
Going to Jonestown
Bless my cotton socks
It's only one more sleep til Bongmas

Irish Writer, Poet, & Marijuana Partaker

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