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Wait, so what happened?

California legalized marijuana. Proposition 64 passed by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent.

You’re shitting me.

Nope. The sixth-largest economy in the world just legalized cannabis.

And it was called Proposition 64?

It was on the ballot in California along with the presidential election. The state passed medical marijuana in 1996. Six years ago, there was a valiant attempt to make it all legal. That initiative lost narrowly. Activists went back to the drawing board and put together what was intended to be a model of the form, the mother of all marijuana legalization initiatives. It was a tough fight, but attitudes toward marijuana are shifting so fast that, with the benefit of hindsight, it was clear the opposition never had a chance.

So I can grow and smoke weed legally now.

In California, personal marijuana possession and cultivation by adults is fine, within the limits of the law.

Oh, so there’s a catch. That figures …

No, wait. You just have to be 21 and not holding more than an ounce when you’re out in public. (I’m including that link there so you can check out the relevant section of the law as we go along.)

So, like, I don’t have to get a license or a permit or pass an exam or get paperwork signed or…

No, none of that. You just need to be an adult.

Wow, that’s great! No more tickets for weed or having to pay for a doctor’s note every year.

That’s right. Concentrates are legal too, up to eight grams. Used to be a misdemeanor.

Huh? I thought less than an ounce of dabs was just a ticket, like flower.

You thought wrong. Regular old-fashioned marijuana, which we call flower these days, was decriminalized. Concentrates – extracts, dabs, oil, whatever you call it – were still banned and possession of them was a misdemeanor that could get you a year in jail.

Whoa! OK, what about edibles? Can I only have an ounce of edibles?

That’s a bit harder to determine. The new law says edibles can only contain up to ten milligrams of THC per serving.

So, like, how many milligrams are in an ounce?

28,349.5. But never mind that, let’s keep this simple. If California does like Colorado, and limits an edible like a brownie, chocolate bar, or soda to 100-milligrams total, then you could have up to 283 of those edibles.

All right, that seems reasonable—now what about growing cannabis?

That’s legal, too, so long as you keep it to six plants or fewer in a locked, enclosed space that can’t be seen by the public.

Yes! Me and my three roommates can grow two dozen plants!

No, you can only have six plants total in a house.

Nobody can work a garden with just one mother plant and then five other plants as seedlings, immature, and flowering plants.

Well, some people can. Regardless, Prop 64 also lowered growing more than six plants to a misdemeanor from a felony, so long as it isn’t a third strike or an aggravated offense.

Aggravated? Like, I grew pissed-off plants?

No, like you involved minors, used hazardous materials, harmed the environment, stuff like that.

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Thank you for sharing and linking to the original article @weeds.

I have read that they're testing THC breathalyzers in California, how do you feel about this given THC affects people differently?

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