Long Term Dollar Top Pointing to Massive Bull Market in Gold and Silver.

3년 전

In this report I look at the long term cycles in the dollar and how that is pointing to the next bull market in the precious metals.

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Thank you for your reports. The bullmarket for precious metals is coming and i like silver more than gold. I just wish we didn`t have VAT tax on it in Europe.

Yes, I have been writing in my blogs as well that 93.32 is the critical level for dollar index. It may see a bit of nervous bounce there. If not, then it is going down and fast.

I also agree with most of the comments that it is time to load up on gold and silver. I say this, not because of technical analysis but I decoded the Economist Magazine cover of 1988 in my blog that I wrote yesterday. Please do check it out - a must read in my opinion.


Thanks I'll have a look.

Nice but the FED unload is going to drive the yield up across the board and suck dollars out of circulation, would that not drive dollar up?


No it will drive it lower. Higher yields mean lower treasury prices and as I said the top is in for the dollar. In the 1970s 10 year treasury yields rose from around 6% all the way up to 15% in 1981 and gold went from $103 to $887.50.


Thanks this is really interesting topic and I agree 100% with your view. Sorry my question was not well formed. I meant do you think there may be a short term bounce of USD associated with FED unwinding / reducing USD?


I personally think the Fed will have great difficulty in unwinding and this fact in of itself will hurt Fed credibility and the dollar.

Nice video bro! Good luck

Hopefully the stackers will not have to wait too much longer to be rewarded. Thanks for spending the time to discuss.


@abh12345 You are welcome.

Thanks. I am looking for the gold bull also, I hope for silver to follow suite.
Do you have an opinion on the Gold/Silver Ratio ?


Personally i expect less than 1 to 10 ratio. I will start selling my silver at that time and buying other suppressed assets but this is long way ahead.

Thank you for that educational information but it was making me think the dollar weakness is positive for crypto currency. The fed has designed with the present policy for the dollar to go to its final death. When that happens then there can be a reset. Correct me if I am wrong.


@keela I'm not sure it will mean the death of the dollar it will just be a reset along with all the other fiat currencies against the monetary metals.


Maneco listen to this interview please and give me your take on that interview and the crypto currency scenario given by Eric Thompson of macro voices