Coinmarketcap 29/03/2021


Iniciamos una semana mas de vida asi como una nueva semana de jornada laboral en nuestro querido mundo de las criptomonedas, les deseo a todos sea de mucho exito para sus inversiones sean de corto o mediano plazo.

We start another week of life as well as a new week of work in our beloved world of cryptocurrencies, I wish you all much success for your investments whether they are short or medium term.

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El día de hoy mercado se genera un incremento de "3.52%" un muy buen resultado para iniciar la semana unicamente nos queria esperar que pasaria en la semana si continuara una secuencia positiva o si esta estable.

Today's market generated an increase of "3.52%", a very good result to start the week. We just wanted to wait and see what would happen during the week if a positive sequence would continue or if it would be stable.

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Hoy es un día positivo 👍 97% de las monedas terminan con incrementos de hasta el 4% por moneda.
Today is a positive day 👍 97% of the coins end up with increases of up to 4% per coin.


Colors of the Market

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Si nunca has fallado, nunca has vivido. Hunter S. Thompson.

If you have never failed, you have never lived. Hunter S. Thompson.

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