An Unforgettable Holiday ... What My Wife Likes More!


The long awaited holiday is over! So fast. The memories remained and from them I will feed myself for a long time. So many pictures and memories ...

Our memories, some are the same ... others differ a bit, I mean my wife and me. I try now to show more the memories of his wife although they are powerful and for me especially that I was a witness to all.

Well, beyond all those specific to the seaside vacation ... water, sun, beach there is an almost fatal attraction, shopping!

So we will start our little shopping getaway, easy summer shopping. Even though the lady in the picture seems to be interested in this wall full of photos, like a Facebook wall, she is thinking about the purchases she will make soon. The two running gentlemen, I think they are interested in buying something. Only I don't, I'm just an observer.


I forgot to locate, the small shopping from the small shops and stalls in Limenaria and Potos from the Greek island of Thassos. Let's see the offer:


The holiday offer, very colorful, made especially to attract children but my wife has a soul and a child's heart so he can't miss looking for something, no matter how small ...



Great competition, everyone is looking for something, wants something, a souvenir, a gift for those at home.



So it's time to go into a store where most of the items are made by the seller, a well-known clay artist.





A place where you cannot leave empty handed. My wife confirmed the rule. But a real buyer, a real seeker must change the theme and the store, from the cheapest to the ones to which you have to count more money. This is how I lower my money for beer (not me, actually!).






All the streets are full of stalls, you can't get past them without even taking a look.


Some products that stop any woman passing by, rightfully so. Handmade soap!





But not everything is for sale, you can rent. It is a tradition in Greece, in islands where this vehicle is widely used. Perfect for narrow and crowded streets.




A lot of walking, a lot of searching can arouse hunger. A pastry is the best remedy.






A kitten looks with her eyes differently colored ... she would like some food or maybe just a touch of our hand. Omnipresent on the island cats are almost a symbol, they are majority and dogs are almost not seen.


Finally I must mention that I wrote this for #MarketFriday, the most exciting challenge proposed by @dswigle. Mandatory a flower on the island, perhaps the most famous flower of the Greeks although paradoxically, they don't love it too much.


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I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.
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What a cool market Friday post , its always hard when a vacation come sot an end but you can treasure the memories and photos you took there



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Yes, I like to use the photos from the places I go. I try to present them in several versions, of story and image. Thanks for TRDO, I like this token. His way of minning seems very smart, good marketing and an extra urge for us to comment.
Thank you very much, @tattoodjay!


I love the way you present your posts and photos making it an experience for us who view the post ;)

Y I think the TRDO is a cool token, as well :)

Looks like a great holiday @bluemoon. Your lovely wife has lots to select from in the shopping areas.


Yes, it's hard to decide. This is our favorite vacation.

This is a sweet #MarketFriday post, Sir @bluemoon. Love is in the air! Hardly a picture without featuring your beautiful wife!!! I love it! 💕


You are very kind and you are the first to notice this presence of the wife. Thanks!

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Thank you, I like eSteem.

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Hey @bluemoon, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!


Thank you very much!

So many beautiful photos! I want to visit Greece sometime and check out their shops and especially the food! Thanks for this view into some of the shops they have there, and the scenery.


Thank you! Greek food, Mediterranean type, is tasty and very healthy.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday? Nice shot, it keeps memories


Yes, fortunately! Thank you.

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you!

That does look like a great holiday. Colourful streets and shops... it's very entertaining, but like yourself, I would be an observer, not so much a shopper! Excellent post, thanks for sharing! :-)


Thank you! I know you're an observer and a photographer.


And far too poor to shop! :-)


I hope it doesn't, anyway we men are less interested in this.

The baklava is always a wise choice! It would be money well spent!


That's right, very good but a little too sweet ...

It seems too soon for the holiday to be over! I have no idea why I thought that you would be there for the rest of the month? Maybe because of last year when you stayed so long. Aren't there always so many pictures coupled with those precious memories?

Well I am sure that you had a wonderful time together oh, I know that you and your wife have different memories or perhaps memories that are more powerful to each of you. Of course you had to witness it! She's your wife! It's your job! And by that you know I am kidding.

I will admit right up front that I am not a big shopper when I am away on vacation or even visiting a place. From my experience, it seems like they have mostly trinkets and things I would never buy a home, yet many are encouraged to buy them when they are away. I also know that many people enjoy shopping when they are on vacation and I think that's fine to a certain extent. I love my sister, but going on vacation with her is like shopping 24/7. That is her vacation and she finds it very relaxing. Anyway, onward! I want to see what your wife is looking at. Who knows? She made turn me into a Shopaholic!

I must say that I think she is more of a window shopper than a buyer. That's my kind of shopping. I like looking and not buying. I can see that everybody is looking for something want something and must buy something for everybody at home. I think I would have loved the place where the artist worked with clay. He had many interesting pieces and I would have been tempted to buy one myself. Okay maybe a little Ouzo to take home!

Yay I have to admit it would be hard to buy that many stoles without stopping and oh my God handmade soap you're going to have to excuse me while I go in and look at it. Kris is very much like Italy tell me if you need a scooter to get around. It does make for easier travel. You and your wife certainly do get your miles in, whether you're at home or traveling about. I will say that I admire both of you for that. And yes I think we deserve something sweet for all of her effort. I do remember rampant cats and cats and cats there. Most islands are very much like that. It makes for good Rat Patrol. LOL

Beautiful flowers always! I thank you so much and I appreciate all your time and effort put in making a post. As always I wish you a nice day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed



Thanks a lot for the comment more than complete.
The vacation was shorter this year for several reasons ...
Every year I dream that the next vacation will be longer but so far it has not happened...
Ha, ha, ha ... your sister exactly like my wife! I try to temper this passion for shopping but this is not appreciated.
Finally, we must respect the passions and joys of others.
Thank you very much for your attention.


Excuse the misspellings. I was on the phone and I couldn't see what I was typing as I was in the sunshine!! :)


As @old-guy-photos call you ... Sunshine! Very nice.

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Thank you for this!