A Very Special #marketfriday with @dswigle Glorious Orchids!


Hey everyone as far as I can remember (not one of my virtues) this will be my first #marketfriday post on hive,albeit on a Saturday a little late, how exciting!

Have you heard of @dswigle and her epic #marketfriday if not where have you been? Head off over here give her some love, post a comment and entry: https://hive.blog/hive-196308/@dswigle/all-that-glitters-at-the-gold-market


So I woke up yesterday and it dawned on me, WTF I have to date stil not posted #marketfriday on hive, WHY Craig? Even me I don't know, lol so I jumped on my scooter and head off to one of my most favourite places, one of the local Nurseries to take some epic pics and boy did I score the proverbial 'motherload'!


This particual Nursery is aptly named 'LOTS OF POTS' as naturally, they sell all sorts of plastic, steel, porcelain and terracotta pots in all persuasions, shapes and sizes, but what most South African folks do not know, is they specialize in the most exotic and colourful orchids!

Orchids, sweet orchids everywhere, they have some fantastic specials too 2 for 1 deals etc. That magnificent yellow beauty above however packs a hefty price tag around $25 I was considering buying it though?


Have you EVER seen an Orchid this pretty??


Here the above yellow and red hybrid as I assume most of these are!



Don't forget to wash your hand folks because this is the 'new normal' yes even in Africa, sigh .....



Orchids really do come in a vast array of glorious colours and size, in fact would you believe there are over 100 000 hybrids and cultivars: Orchid" redirects here. For other uses, see Orchid (disambiguation).
Temporal range: 80–0 Ma
Late Cretaceous – Recent
Haeckel Orchidae.jpg
Colour plate from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1906
Scientific classificatione
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Type genus
Tourn. ex L.
Apostasioideae Horaninov
Cypripedioideae Kosteletzky
Epidendroideae Kosteletzky
Orchidoideae Eaton
Vanilloideae Szlachetko
Distribution range of family Orchidaceae
The Orchidaceae are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, with blooms that are often colourful and fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family.

Along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plants. The Orchidaceae have about 28,000 currently accepted species, distributed in about 763 genera.[2][3] The determination of which family is larger is still under debate, because verified data on the members of such enormous families are continually in flux. Regardless, the number of orchid species is nearly equal to the number of bony fishes, more than twice the number of bird species, and about four times the number of mammal species.

The family encompasses about 6–11% of all seed plants.[4] The largest genera are Bulbophyllum (2,000 species), Epidendrum (1,500 species), Dendrobium (1,400 species) and Pleurothallis (1,000 species). It also includes Vanilla (the genus of the vanilla plant), the type genus Orchis, and many commonly cultivated plants such as Phalaenopsis and Cattleya. Moreover, since the introduction of tropical species into cultivation in the 19th century, horticulturists have produced more than 100,000 hybrids and cultivars.

More here as per wikipedia:


As nurseries go they have a plethora of water features, plants and interesting gifts available too...



I took some really nice pictures of all their latest bonsai Tree's in stock which I shall blog too soonest, but here a 'sneaky peak' of whats to come a lovely Wild Fig!


Nature the incredible!

Love and light, be blessed and have a magic weekend.


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