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Heck no, my ideal New years would be an evening stroll on the beach with a nice big campfire and a small group of friends, I could happily walk the night through :) so not succumbing to old at all, Just wth Lulus health and me not being able to drink, celebrating New years out either in a crowded spot like Times Square or in a Pub/Restaurant or nightclub with people sloshing down the drinks getting rowdy while I am sitting there drinking water just isnt the fun it used to be LOL

So getting old in that my partying days are behind me yea, but other than that I will fight to not succumb to acting old for a long time, I am a teenager stuck in an approaching 60-Year-olds body LOL


Oh, haha! I will never think of you as old. There is way too much life left in you to be. And yes! A roaring fire on the beach! Oh, yes, please! If it is cold, I will take hot chocolate and if it is tropical, a cool ice tea.

Small groups are always nice. I can talk and so can they. A perfect match for fun.


Small groups are better for good discussion, mind you often I am more of a listener than a talker in groups ;)