Market Friday Goes To RFL Best Buy


Hello dear friends, I have many shots RFL Best Buy shop in my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks for @dswigle contest by #MarketFriday.

Recently i went to RFL Best Buy Mirpur of Dhaka. It is nearest my home. Recently our country has observed Eid occasion so most of the shopping mall has opened. For these reason i went to market for buying necessary things and goods. It was pretty market place so several home accessories collections were available there. And i think every product looks pretty for their ordinary design . Have a nice trip with different types of market the whole world for all.



Here lot of plastics and wood things are available and cheap. And every design of things looks so unique and it is flexible to use in our daily life.



Every lamp looks pretty and colorful.


Some beautiful flower vase were decorated here to sell purpose.


Especially i thanks respectable @tattoodjay, @c0ff33a, @ace108 and @adalger, lovely @dswigle and @melinda010100 for their nice contest and support to encourage me. And all other friends too.

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