Market Friday goes to buy colorful and lovely cartoon pillow of my kids

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Hello dear friends, i think it is interesting contest to know the whole world market place by arranging encouragement woman @dswigle. I have many shots colorful and lovely kids cartoon pillow in my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks for @dswigle contest by #MarketFriday.

Life is colorful with some artificial things decorating your sweet home. And this opportunity is offering Home Tex. Home Tex is a popular home decor market place in Bangladesh. There are divided into different types of home decor collections in different place. It is really increasing any types of home beauty especially it is suitable for younger member of every family today's items. Price is a little bit expensive but every design is uncommon and unique. It is situated near my area Mirpur-12 so I like to go there again and again of different needs. Anybody can go this market place if they want to decorate their home nicely. Thanks all of your valuable time to visit my post and have a super weekend.


There are beautiful cartoon design pillow for children and some other luxury showpieces. My kids have really enjoyed this market place and I am so.






Especially i thanks respectable @tattoodjay, @c0ff33a and @ace108, lovely @dswigle and @melinda010100 for their nice contest and support to encourage me. And all other friends too.

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