A stop over.

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After a very long day's work, my friends and l manage to pass through the mall when heading home. We are just here to find a few stuff home for the weekend. I wish l had got some time in the day to share some great market memories with my readers. All we could find were the basic food that is entirely different from what we could buy from the weekly traditional market.


It really was a busy day. And l still have to share the moment with you here on #marketfriday initiated by @dswigle. Thanks for passing through today as always.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a @MarketFriday post while I have been away! I was able to read them, however, I was not able to comment, resteem or once I left on the cruise, upvote them. I am still on a cruise and have made it back to the Caribbean and will be home Sunday night, November 17 or possibly as late as the 18th.

Thank you again for keeping #MarketFriday going! It is appreciated more than you will know! I leave you with a tip. 💖

!tip .30

Love, Denise

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