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It looks so late here for today's challenge which is #marketfriday initiated by @dswigle. But let me do a quick of what l found today as l walked through town. I needed a sandal to buy for a funeral tomorrow. In my search through the day, l found this on the street which was nicely arranged in a glass case for public view. The colors caught my attention to get closer. They are all locally made sandals and slippers.



These sandals are made from quality leather by young talented guys. They appear so cheaper than l could imagine. I am just wondering if an avenue could be created for young talented people who could do this on a larger scale. Producing this on a larger scale could be exported to other countries for people to buy. They are made with many different colors and designs of all types. One can give them your preferred color and design which can be made to your liking.


I am so excited the blockchain can provide such an opportunity for people to showcase eir products here. It is time we build communities that will appreciate products and services to boost the business of others. The blockchain is a home for us to buy and sell too. Happy weekend with the market Friday.

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Yes, they look like great shoes! I wonder how much they would cost per pair?


They really are nice and quality..As low as $8 will get you a pair of these sandals. Thanks for passing by @chaceeskam

Oh! That is such a great idea, Sam! @mcsamm These look really nice and I am sure they are better made than a lot of sandals.

The only problem I see is the import tax/export taxes. They can be killers.

A blockchain is a wonderful tool. I actually bought a backpack/purse from one of the people on here. The only trouble was I had to send it back because of a flaw, and it would have cost me almost $100!!!

But the idea behind it was solid! Thanks as always, Sam! You are the best!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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