Fantastic Market Friday Fun!

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Happy Fantastic Market Friday


I always like to catch a starburst effect. It is easily done by going to a larger f stop value. Usually f.11 or higher seems to give the best chance. Here I used f.11.


Looks like Mr and Mrs Swan are out for a swim. Doesn't seem like the cold water is bothering them at all!!


So I bought this as a second chair. I think it might be nice to "stretch" my legs by bouncing a little bit. I just got it so I cant say if it is good yet. I will do a review video.


This is the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair. Its about 70 bucks and has 4 stars. It is very light weight and easy to move around. Many different colors are available.

You can see more of it here...

It obviously feels different, but not bad. I bought the leg extenders because of course my legs are long.


I always say a big thank you to the lovely and amazing @dswigle. Her Market Friday tag really means a lot to her and she puts in a huge amount of time trying to get to everyone's posts with a nice comment and usually a tip as well :) Be sure to leave your link on her page!!!

I thought this Halloween display was cool. Not sure if it is $160 cool, but it was cool LOL!!!



Of course I am still house hunting. I suppose if nothing else it gives me some content for Market Friday. This is the latest possibility. It is in a good town, and in an area of other historic homes with good school :-)


Basically it is just like me, big, old and cheap!! LOL!!

Checking out the deep backyard!!



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I see some of the foliage has fallen already but it looks a lot greener than here. It won't take long before the trees are completely barren.


Yep I noticed that you were more in the colors already.

Did you see that video I dropped in your post. You were wondering about Youtube views and money. Seems for tech he gets around 5 grand US for a million views.


5 grand for a million views equals $5 for 1000 views. But I guess it's a lot more complicated than that. But as a ball park figure that is perhaps right. I don't think most Steem posts that get that make $5 necessarily make anywhere near a 1000 views. Stake allocates the rewards as it sees fit and stake is concentrated.


Yep exactly he would get a higher rate because his channel is all tech versus mine is just general. Tech and finance pay well.


In Finland, we have a saying that one talks about what one lacks. The good news are that on YouTube that seems to be a self-correcting problem when it comes to money.

You got a market friday post up before Saturday??? passes out

hee hee

I am curious how you will end up liking the chair.

I like the old yellow house..... and the gingerbread decor at the top.

You've got some of the best water pictures. Y'know, to really get a starburst effect, you could get a starburst filter. I have one, and it makes a starburst of everything. it's really out of control.

Love the photography @old-guy-photo-photos.
I have tried one of those balance ball chairs at work too, but I didn't like it too much, but mostly because my did not move so easy.

Thanks for share your Friday experience

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Great post @old-guy-photos, I like the house, I've seen one of those
Chairs at the VA, and I love the fall colors. Upvoted 100%

Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a @MarketFriday post while I have been away! I was able to read them, however, I was not able to comment, resteem or once I left on the cruise, upvote them. I am still on a cruise and have made it back to the Caribbean and will be home Sunday night, November 17 or possibly as late as the 18th.

Thank you again for keeping #MarketFriday going! It is appreciated more than you will know! I leave you with a tip. 💖

!tip .30

Love, Denise

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