marketfriday - indian bazaar

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my office day have finished 2 hours ago; I'm done my #fungifriday duties, as well -- so, lets do it!
now or never.
finally! my 1st #marketfriday post.


i've been working near the regular 'Indian Goods' exhibition for more than 6 recent years. I have been entering to check it a few times, just to feed my curiocity. I love the oriental stuff of all sorts very much, but buying it... its not my cup of tea, not in my current circumstances. I've got too much various stuff on my hands, so the last decade I try to resist -- and buy nothing, except of books, lenses, and computer accessories... from time to time. I try to make room, instead of bringing more things to my flat... (Philip Dick wisely have put out that theorema: trash can breed on its own, you know..)

But ok, back to the exhibition: I love all this stuff, but I dont buy. I just prefer to love it from the distance, especially with the help of my camera.

The pavilion in which this exhibition usually took place now is closed for reconstruction, so this time the exhibition takes place outdoors, almost under anopen sky: sellers are housed in a huge temporary plastic tent. I noticed this innovation while cycling to my office, and made a note for myself: be sure to come on the weekend with a camera and take a dozen photos for @dswigle -- I feel, its the last time this exhibition is located here.



I use the word "exhibition", but in fact, it's just a proud self-name... actually, this is just a regular exit market. A market that comes to us several times a year.

It consists of several structural elements:

  • clothing
  • jewelry
  • tea, spices, incense sticks
  • furniture
  • garbage of all sorts.


Jewelry is the 1st thing you meet when entering the pavillion; I tried to skip it to the tea section as soon as possible. (We needed to refill our supplies of the black Darjeeling tea, which my wife is very fond of). Mission was completed, we had talks with three sellers, and finally got something... too low quality for too much expense, I must say. Heh. At least it was by million light years better than wilted non-smelling grass labelled as 'Darjeeling' that one of the, she didnt even tried to advertise it to us -- she knew it is below zero. I didnt take a picture of her stuff, so -- no bad ad here :=)




This tea has correct colour and a proper 'muskat taste' afterwards. Priced around 400 roubles for the 100g pack (i.e. $60 USD per kilo), it is... expensive. But the bad news is -- it is almost close to impossible to buy anything of decent quality and in good price range, in the local stores, at all... (We rather go after the tea which is by half cheaper, but of same quality. I can take a picture of the package, if you are curious, my dear reader).

Then... it was time for the jewelry section. The stuff I am absolutely not intrested in!

16-35mm Canon lens I used for this session, is an amazing reportage and travel lens. I easily managed to get a wide-angle overall view on its wide end, and got this fantastic detailed close-up on another! I fearlessly recommend it to everyone, top wide-angle lens!

India from the ancient days is known to be the source of a lot of precious and semi-precious stones. I am not a huge fan on crystalls... more I appreciated the bracelets made from the (artificial) black pearls. They are really nice, having different shades of black.... (and cheap! only 5-6 dollars per bracelet -- due to the pearls are artificial). btw, are you in the know of the modern technologies? youtube has an intresting videos about the modern factories where artificial pearls are grown. Its very fascinating, have a look!

this is the part I qualify as 'garbage' (a beautiful garbage! but still... )

"Strange fruits are hanging from the trees..."

Indian bazaar always is a lot of 'ethnic' dress. I gravitate myself to the monochrome dress (not necessarily black and white) with no labels, these psycodelic are the total opposite! but... I enjoyed some of these very, very much. They were mostly female models, tho


now, a few shots from the furniture section. a lot of cool items here! but no what all this stuff can find its way to my little room :)


Very cool elephants, carved and painted -- Indians do know how to cook elephants!


I slightly suspect, the modern generation has no idea about this subject ... well, maybe just having read about it from the XIX century novels? Canes! Strong noble tree, brass knobs that are amazingly nice to touch with your hands. I am curious, how many customers they had for this?.. Probably zero. I never see this stuff on the streets.


All these beautiful and comfortable furniture items are great to furnish a new home ... preferably a bungalow on the shores of the southern seas. Unfortunately, all this luxury absolutely does not fit into the 1- or 2-room apartments of our Northern capital. Real wood and wood carving do warm the soul, even if it is rather simple sorts, not the elite sorts of the wood. I wanted to touch and touch this things with my hands, even stroke them...


Looking at this photo, I sadly recall this strong contrast between beautiful, expensive, luxurious things -- and a poorly arranged pavilion, empty, overcrowded with 3-4 customers only. A very sad picture, indeed...

Perhaps it's time to say goodbye. I showed all the pictures I made ... which I was able to take with my architectural and reportage photography lens. Hope you enjoyed this little excursion to the land of orient luxuries. Next time!

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Welcome to MArket friday and WOW thats a huge Market,

Have a great weekend

I would touch a tree and buy fragrant sticks, for sure they were there :-)


the fragnant sticks were there!
(i have a supply for at least 10 years on!)
(and, its the wood, not the tree )


most of all I like the smell of sandalwood, even bought sandalwood oil :-))


i agree with you on that soo much !!!!!

у нас чай улетает только так! те 200 грамм мы уже давно уработали (ну что такое двести грамм). спасибо за благопожелания, и вам тоже желаю мускатно-цветочного послевкусия. @madlenfox

That is an amazingly huge Market! I want to take the time to thank you for joining us and welcome you to Market Friday! You have set the bar so high that I only expect the very best of post from you! LOL

I actually had no idea that t was so expensive there. For some reason I was thinking that you got it for a steal and it was only as that paid dearly for it. There you go and that is exactly why I love Market Friday. It is so fun to share cultures and things that are going on in about in your country and I love to share mine. I can say that I have noticed that many of our countries are very much the same and yeah many of our countries are so different and we all live differently. It makes it interesting to read about it.

I love your market and all the things that they have in it and so beautiful is the wood. I love wood of any sorts and the elephants were most awesome! I could skip the jewelry all day long and the clothing is interesting to look at but it would be out of place if I wore it in most places here. However, I can say that I would probably wear it anyway because it looks very comfortable. You have taken me on quite the adventure and yes! If you want to throw a few of those incense sticks in my cart oh, that would make me very happy. Thank you again and again for the time and effort spent taking all those pictures and putting a post together. As always, I wish you a most wonderful day.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed

!tip .20


nice, I am happy you enjoyed it. I will put out a long and sufficient answer but probably tomorrow. working on my w.walk megapost right now, hehe 8-)

If you want to throw a few of those incense sticks in my cart

how I can do that, or are you joking? snail mail? dont you have it in any local stores?!

  ·  2년 전

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