An Out Of This World Market Friday w/ @dswigle

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An Out Of This World Market Friday


On Wednesday, we went to the moon (HR Macmillan Space Centre). This is me on the moon. Maybe? Or maybe George Lucas is on the other side of the camera? You decide.

I took this old Soviet space shuttle or I walked across Burrard Bridge. You decide.



While on the moon, I discovered Daleks #DrWho or a Vernier engine. You decide.


Vernier engines supplied landing alignment thrust for the Surveyor lunar lander. Daleks are an emotionless, AI master race.

I don't know about you but I know what my next science fair project will be.


All photos were taken by me or my mom. Or the Doctor. You Decide.

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Is that the one up in Vancouver? I have been told that it's a very nice one! I will go with you on the moon, George Lucas it's a no-go. I think that this would make an excellent science fair project and all the photos came out really well. I like the way you wrote it up and it's very distinctive in the tense that you used.

Excellent! Thank you for joining Market Friday and I appreciate all the time and effort spent putting this post together!

#MarketFriday loves you!



Hi Denise, thank you very much. Yes, it is the Vancouver one. It's fun.

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