If Modern Life Was A Product Would You Buy It?


If you were a child with adults reasoning or an alien with self-awareness and higher consciousness and you didn't have all the preconceived notions and biases you have today and I sold you the following concept would you buy it?

A raw deal

If you join earth now you will spend 18 - 25 years of your life in the formative stage being programmed on how this world works and how you can scrape a bit of value out of your time here by selecting a skill that you can trade to companies, governments or individuals would pay for.

If not you'll be forced to live on the generosity or tax of others and be exposed to all sorts of elements and basically have your life expectancy cut in half.

If you do find yourself able to generate an income you will then need to use that as a leveraging tool to those with fake wealth and get them to purchase a piece of land and modern comforts in exchange for partial returns from working for 10 - 20 years of your life.

All the while governments and service providers will be trying to exploit the any sort of value you can accumulate over time. Then when you're useless and cannot work anymore you best hope you took some of that income and stored it to help you survive while you see out your remaining years

Oh and then you die! It also costs money to die so make provision for that too.

A raw deal

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Community? More like commodity

How many of us would take that deal? I doubt many! It's shockingly obvious that we've screwed ourselves over. You're now born into a place where so many of your obligations aren't even ones you decided on, they're just thrust upon you for being here.

We live in a world where our only real use is to keep producing new investors to forcibly give up their time to keep up the Ponzi scheme of the planet. The more I think about it, the more disgusted I am, the more depressed I become, the more radicalised my ideas tend to be.

Am I the only one thinking this is a raw deal? A man was not meant to live like this.

Opt-in or opt-out.

What really bugs me is that we have no choice in the matter, it is the only form of self-preservation in modern times and theres hardly any way to opt-out of the system without considerable resources at your disposal.

If we had the ability to revoke our nationality and all these obligations that come along with it and choose to live freely I wonder how many people would opt for it. I think having the option there is important? Why can we not have a demarked part of the world where people can go to live how they would like and the ones who prefer the commodity-driven world can remain in it.

Kinda like what Amish people do but with fewer restrictions on what can and cannot be used or done or used. Just a place where people can live and work for themselves. Or is that too radical an idea?

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Nice opener! You got me at alien. 👽

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Lol I wonder what they would think of the life we’ve built here or did they come to the same issue 🤔 I mean a second opinion on how to run a planet would be most helpful

Why should people even have to go to another part of the world if they want to opt out? It should just be an option on the ballot. Having that option would bring about other options and they'd most likely be better, causing others to opt out.


That would be the ideal way but I think they would try to snuff out the movement let’s say a few hundred out thousand people opt out in my city we could be marginalized and now because we are not citizens we don’t have access to things like the police or banks or we’d be forced to seek asylum somewhere because governments want to make an example of us so the movement doesn’t catch on

By all grouping together in a geographical location we could start a movement and an example of an opt out state! Then they could say pop up on each continent!

It’s either that or we would have to seastead or live on Mars lol

We live in a world where our only real use is to keep producing new investors

I think it would be a better idea to not bring any babies into this world.

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If we did start to reduce the population which I think will happen as resources are hoarded and become more scarce their will be not enough people to assume and work off all this debt and the whole thing could come crashing down

So maybe we should be holding off on babies for a few generations

I want the same thing I wanted when I was 5. To be a pirate..

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Lol well you could always move to Somalia


Okay less looting and pillaging and more bartering within a nomadic island hopping sea faring lifestyle that focuses on sustainable living, weed, beers, and karaoke parties.

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LOL you could always sign up to be Johnny Depps stunt double for the next 16 pirates of the Caribbean reboots


Have to start doing blow haha

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Lol coke and rum go well together! In fact count me in, it’s a pirates life for me too! Tortuga or Tatooine I’m down for any adventure

Chekohler has been reading my mind.
I have a couple of vids to watch and please have a look at there other vids to.

There seems to be away out.

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Great vid suggestions, really enjoyed them. So true, we're all born into employees of these various corporations with no choice! While they do control us in a sense we give up control freely each day for conveniences we think we want and social pressures to conform. It's basically like the matrix, humans are the only species on earth that needs money, governments and industry or rather think we need it to survive.

I'd like to opt-out, i'm so over it!


It's a bit of a mind blow watching those and seeing a possible way out of the system. Yes we got sucked into a system of control we did not knowingly choose. I am still looking into the birth certificate thing and other language con job. I hope you will watch some more from the Justinian deception YouTube channel.

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Real fucking talk as always. 👌
This needs to be seen 🔥🙌


Lol, thank you, glad you enjoyed the piece! We've been sold a shitty product and I for one would like some other options! I'll keep shouting it until it happens or i'm in my grave but I won't go into that good night without a fight

@tipu curate

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Thanks for the resource I’ll be sure to go through them lol looks like there is a small sliver of hope and a place on earth that could suit my way of thinking lol

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