What kills a monster is the publicity it gives itself

10개월 전

Image Credit: Edited from Pixabay

Recently, I was pitching a massively disruptive tech that democratizes wealth distribution to eradicate poverty, and does that at zero taxpayer burden.

Pitched against the increasingly popular multi-trillion dollar monster that UBI (Universal Basic Income) is, it indeed would be a killer app. I was asked about our publicity strategy.

Source: Pixabay
In a flash, I was struck by Abraham Lincoln’s words —

“What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.”

Realizing that our tech was potentially no less of a monster (UBI) killer, I blurted out.

“What kills a monster is the publicity it gives itself.”

Cheers :)

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A great quote right there. But I think Abraham Lincoln used it in a different context to attack his political opponents.


Yeah you are right. In fact the meaning of Lincoln quote is not even clear to most. It isn't much of a quote anyway. But the context here is clear, and it does make a lot of sense. Good use of the words @sharonomics. :)


I think the Lincoln quote had negative connotations, while here there are positive attributes :)


Thanks for seeing the positivity.
Cheers :)

Well, I am familiar with the monster (UBI), care to tell us about the monster killer @sharonomics?


Well, it would need a dedicated blog post. I think I had a post on it some time back, but will have one soon. Just keep following me and you will know. Cheers :)