5 Best Marketing Books To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy [BOUNTY ALERT]

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Reading one of the best marketing books listed below is likely to change and improve the way you market.

Anyone working in marketing knows the relentless pace at which things are changing, whether the new plan, new tactics or new strategies. However, in our profession as in any other, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are fundamentals that we must study and know to make better decisions.

Below are our suggestions for the must-read best marketing books this year.

1. Big Win Marketing: How to Get Your Message Across, Win Clients, and Grow Your Business by Kridip Kakati

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This is the clearest book on what marketing strategy is, how to define it and put it into place on your team.

Not a marketing book per se, it outlines the strategic approach Kridip. He used to double products sales, quadruple its profits, and increase its market value. You need to read this for the simple reason that you need to be able to understand marketing strategy--whether it is for outlining your own or advising clients. The book does an important job of defining what strategy is not so you can catch yourself if you are off the right track. If you only read one thing this week, make sure that it is Kridip Kakati’s definition of what marketing strategy is not.

Compliment with the key choices that need to drive your strategic approach.

Now available on Amazon

2. Trust me; I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday


Read this to understand how online media works and how to make your message heard.

Ryan Holiday was the marketing director of American Apparel when he was only 21 years old. Unlike large corporations in the world of retail, he had virtually no budget at his disposal, and the ideas he uncovers in his book are based on these constraints. He understood the fundamentals behind the media system and how to manipulate them. Read this book to understand better how journalists and bloggers think, how to get your message heard without any budget to realize how corrupt the system can be.

Take the example of his strategy to climb the ladder, or how to get a media exposure starting with a simple local blog. Read how in the excerpt of the book available on SlideShare.

3. Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik


The book to read absolutely to understand the digital performance

As a digital marketing agency with performance and results as a priority, whether you’re about to start your first digital marketing internship or vice-president of a company that is still reluctant to go digital, you need to read this book. This one describes in detail the reasoning and the bases necessary to understand the web and how it differs from the angle of the more traditional marketing. Avinash emphasizes user understanding, whether through quantitative or qualitative analysis.

This book is full of lessons. Learn to look beyond basic metrics like several visits or unique visitors and focus on the result. Test, test, and test again. All you can. The most paid person in your organization (the famous HiPPO) is no longer the one who dictates your digital strategy; the data do it for you. Segment or get dressed.

While you wait for the book to arrive home, dive into this article on the “See-Think-Do” approach and ask yourself the excellent questions: Does your web presence keep its promises on all these points?

4. Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know by Mark Jefferey


Learn the key metrics to help you evaluate the performance of your marketing.

Andy Johns, the master thinker behind the growth of Facebook, Twitter and other startups offers the following advice: “The growth team manages the flow of users in the same way that the finance team manages the flow of ‘money.” As a marketer, you need to have precisely the same rigorous approach to your efforts. It would help if you learned to justify every dollar invested and know how to measure your performance.

As a marketing specialist in 2019, you can not afford not to have some digital rigour in your work. What is your churn rate? From what cost per acquisition (CPA) do your assets become profitable? Do you take into account the value of customer life? Here is a list of the metrics described. If these questions make you dizzy, get a copy of the book. Remember what Andy Johns said: focus on these metrics as if you were responsible for the flow of money in your business.

5. Zero to One: Notes on Startups by Peter Thiel


The most unconventional guide to business success by one of Sillicon Valley’s visionaries.

Peter Thiel, the billionaire who founded PayPal and Palantir Technologies among a multitude of companies for which he is known. He has also written a short but fantastic book on how startups work and how we should look to the future. Again, not a marketing book, but it is nonetheless a must for any marketer wishing to evaluate its competitive environment.

Take, for example, his unusual approach to competition. This article, titled competition is for dummies, tells us not to hesitate to explore new alternatives as a marketer and to define and create categories. Would you rather be an airline in an industry known for its heavy losses or Google, to enjoy all the benefits of having a monopoly in the search engine industry? The answer is clear.

This book is full of insights gained through years of experience, creating, directing, and investing in some of the world’s best-known companies.


Get a copy today and start making better marketing decisions, progress and deliver a tremendous amount of value to your clients. We promise you will be better off because of them.

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shopping is a wonderful art, I love the approach of Peter Thiel, the billionaire who founded PayPal and Palantir Technologies, we must look to the future. Again, it is not a marketing book, but it is an excellent manual for anyone attracted to finance and business a big hug from Venezuela.


No, doubt "Zero is One" is a great book but we have to change according to time...

That's why, we placed zero to one in 5th position according today's marketing strategy

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In today's world, you need a lot of help and you have made great suggestions. Every business person should take a look at the books.


Thanks for taking out your time, Your comment means a lot.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

I have read a lot of marketing books and remained hopeful when I purchased Big Win Marketing: How to Get Your Message Across, Win Clients, and Grow Your Business, this one that perhaps I would find a book worth reading. Most of what I have read falls in the old genre I made a million selling swamp land and so can you. They promise the stars and deliver the swamp. No value. I was skeptical but hopeful.

From the very beginning this no nonsense and no BS approach to sharing a playoff how to actually build a marketing strategy was invaluable. My MBA marketing courses didn't teach me as clearly as this book did. I cannot recommend this book highly enough and book 5 copies for my employees. No more random acts of marketing for me...


Yes, this book is a must for anyone trying to devise a marketing plan and strategy. Perfectly suited to professional services but really applies to any service type business. Before, I couldn't really say that I had a marketing plan or strategy, I was just doing what he calls "random acts of marketing". Some of them, it turns out, were good things to do but they weren't enough to constitute a purposeful plan or strategy. This is a brilliant book with many, many nuggets of wisdom.


Yeah, you're right...

This book completely changes the way of my marketing

Out of 5, I ready 3 of them - zero to one, data driven marketing and big win marketing.

All of them are great book ever


Yeah, after reading those books we found that what actual marketing is...

@whatsontrend, Experience is a magical aspect and when experiece is shared then it helps in many ways. Specially in financial markets and marketing space because everything evolves rapidly. But one thing is for sure and that is, Basics or Base never changes.


YES, you are absolutely right 😊


Thank you.

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I haven't read these books but I will now. Everyone in the comments seems fond of them.


yes, you need those books if you have your own business

The third book on the list just got my attention.
I'll look into it soon


You really can learn to develop a solid, robust and profitable marketing plan for the 21st century. But you need "Big Win Marketing" book...

Do not let the low cost of this book fool you into taking it lightly. If you really, really want to grow your business without wasting time and scarce money on marketing, buy Big Win Marketing book and complete the exercises inside. You will not be disappointed.

Over the last 9 years I have paid coaches to help me develop my business - over $56K (not to mention the cost of travel, hotels, etc... to attend training sessions). And while I learned quite a lot about the mechanics and systems of my particular business, no coach or combination of coaches were able to help me develop a solid marketing plan that would hold up month after month, year after year (since they didn't really have one either). So I was always on the lookout for books and courses regarding marketing my business (and I have read quite a number of books on the subject).

That said, I am stunned that I have learned more about marketing in the 21st century and also the specific action steps to perform to develop a solid, functional and sustainable plan from a $9.99 e-book than any other coach or book to date. I think I need to ask all those coaches I hired in the past for my money back.

It was almost like the light bulbs were turning on in my brain as I read the pages and performed the exercises. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. At the end of the book I had a complete, robust, inexpensive and sustainable marketing plan for my business. In fact, my marketing plan is so complete that I've already started implementing it.

I'm a speed reader and I probably could have read the book in an six to seven hours (505 pages). However, because I decided to complete the exercises in the book (they made a lot of sense to me and my previous coaches had not had me do the majority of these exercises) it took me over a week to complete the book.

But wow, what a week of learning it was. The book is as complete as it gets. It logically progresses from the best definition of marketing I have seen, to walking through the steps and activities to define your market place, to developing the type of marking thrust across multiple marketing legs to attract clients, get clients to trust you and want to do business with you, to retaining and growing the individual customers to continue purchasing over time.

No matter what business you're in, whether it's service related or manufactured goods, if you want to learn to market in the 21st century, and if you're willing to follow the advice and perform the exercises that the author Kridip Kakati provides in this book, then buy this book and you will learn to develop a marketing plan and strategy that will allow you to compete successfully and make you money.

PS: Please don't tell my competitors about this book. I enjoy the advantage this gives me.

Have you explained what you want from folks - to get a percentage of the bounty?

One of my favorites is Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point."


I will admit that I picked "Big Win Marketing" book up with grave misgivings. I was asked by the author’s assistant to review the book but declined to do so. Coincidentally, a week later, one of my clients was looking for a way to get his leadership team on the same page when it came to marketing and sales. So, I picked up the Kindle version of the book and promised I’d let him know what I thought.

By the time I finished the introduction, I was shaking my head in agreement with Mr. Kridip. Halfway through the book, I was confident enough to recommend that my client get the book for himself.

The marketing books you had listed are awesome. Zero to One by Peter Thiel is the bible of marketing but beginners struggle with this. Thanks for your Nice collection of the best marketing books.

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