The Day the Bank of England Let Hitler Loot Czechoslovakia's Gold.


With the government of Venezuela filing a legal case with the London High Court against the Bank of England recently I have decided to look at the Bank of England's history and specifically the period just before the outbreak of World War Two.

It's ironic that the Bank of England, under then-governor Montagu Norman, actually allowed the German government to confiscate Czechoslovakia's gold held in a BIS account at the Bank of England after Germany had invaded Czechoslovakia in 1928 but won't allow an UN-recognised government of Venezuela to access its gold.

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Thanks again for the interesting and educational classes, Maneco64. The Citizens of the world better wake up and have their countries' Gold audited. It would be bad enough to have their countries wealth stolen but to have the corrupt enemy use the power of their own Gold against them would...


The Gold is Gone, Get over it. Or is it? One better check out their Local Coin Shop, for their Insurance Policy!

Has anyone ever seen gold brought in or out from BOE to the street with armed guards?