The Uselessness of Holding Fiat Currency and Why Money Is the Most Marketable Commodity.


Today I will be referencing a must-read book for those who want to understand what money really is and how our current monetary system is not fit for purpose in a free and civilised society.

"What Has Government Done to Our Money?" by Murray N. Rothbard:

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Thanks again for keeping us educated, Maneco64. I look forward to your classes.

Yes, when it comes to money, coins, in particular, let's not forget about base metals. During critical times, desperate governments have turned to copper, nickel, tin, aluminum, and even steel for producing specie money. The USA (1942-1945) actually temporarily replaced its 75% copper & 25% nickel, five cents nickels with silver coins because of nickel's value and scarcity, during
their war effort.