Sam Zell Calling it Like it is...

2년 전

Politicians are either clueless, or just dumb...

After over a 7 minute interview of New York Democrat Gregory Meeks, who took no accountability whatsoever and just blamed Jeff Bezos for his decision to pull out of the HQ2 build site in Long Island City, guest host and real estate mogul Sam Zell had had enough and was caught expressing his opinion...accidently...or was it?

Zell told Meeks:

"this decision may be one of the worst by a self-serving politician ever."

The interview ended and panned back to the anchor, but in the background on a "hot mic", Zell exclaimed "what a crock of shit." Personally, I think it was somewhat intentional...but it was honest and these terrible people need to be called out publicly more for their failures.


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