Weekend FUN !! #105 where is the steemit we know ?


Well missed out on the weekend to post this but no problems as we have long extended weekend kind of no days off only work so forget completely about weekend but seeing steemit is changing a lot not in a manner of developments but in the behavioural change.

Many people have now shown their disgrace over the down voting that has been happening for no reason and few individuals who want to take control here for everything they will decide who will earn how much from any post.

Pretty awesome way to put censorship where these people were when everyone use to say this about bid bots and now coming out of no where to take control interesting times they can do anything they have money.

well leave this it will be of no use only drama happens here and we have seen all sorts of it....

Well i hope you have a good week ahead !

And wait wait wait ...Listen to something beautiful indeed here you go !!!

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