What will be the long term results ?


Well the cryptocurrency market is again at such a moment where anything could can happen but no one can predict but looking at the long term what do you think will more likely to happen we all know how bitcoin has grown rapidily over the years and still even in such a bear market.

Its managed to post real high growth for those who have holded it for so long so definitely something taht investors would like to invest in.

But apart from it which projects do you think will survive this crypto game many projects just come and go and many just fool people with scams that goes around in the race who do you think will survive and will go beyond expectations apart from steem.

What will be your choice to choose from and why ?

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I'm planning to put 500 bazillion useless fiat cash into the markets soon, so that should pump it a bit.
Prob going to scoop up some more EOS. I need to look through all my accounts and move things around, but will prob shore up my favourites.
I haven't had time to research best profitability for coins yet. But the market is only going to go up in capitalization.
There is a pot of crypto at the end of the rainbow :D


Make sure to tell me when you pump hehehe 😉