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It is not enough to talk about the Love of God and not talk about the the consequences of SIN. Every disobedience to God’s command is sin and attracts a corresponding consequences.

God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows that he shall reap.

Sin is bound to increase because the end is near. It may come in varied shapes, colors and designs but it is still sin. Wickedness is on the increase, so is the love of money, power and pleasure. The human body has completely lost its sanctity, which is making us act the script that evolutionalists have handed over to us. They refer to an animal and truly so except of course the divine presence of the Almighty God resides in the life of such a person. The craze of sin has made lunatics out of persons who outwardly look sane.

Recently, I heard an interesting news item on a very popular cable news channel. Some Australians on vacation travelled all the way to Cambodia in the continent of Asia with just one objective, to have sex with children. The younger the girls, the more expensive the charge. Can you imagine an adult working throughout the year to save sums of money with the singular objective of flying several kilometers criss-crossing continents with under aged children?

That is insanity of sin! It can push a human beyond limits to do the unthinkable.

One of the widely read newspapers in my country carried another interesting cover story which shocked many. In one of the oil-rich cities, girls engage in the acts of bestiality which is the act of humans having sex with animals. According to the story, some foreign nationals pay about $40 for their Alsatian dogs to have sex with girls. These girls jump at the offers because of the financial rewards not minding the spiritual, psychological and health hazards attached to such acts. That is sin! It can turn a human into a beast.

Another newspaper reported the story about two women who fell in love with each other and being in a country where same sex marriages are recognized by law, they both decided to get married. They lived together as ‘husband and wife’, and later decided to undergo a sex change. Both of them went through the medical procedure that changed them into men and now they ‘live happily ever after’ as men. God created them as females; they decided to get married as women and later became men. This is one of the brazen acts of rebellion against God I have ever read of. This is what sin is capable of doing. It can sift away the human content in the life of a being to transform the same into a monster.

As sinners increase in the acts of wickedness, O! Christian, are you increasing in good works? As unbelievers ingenious device methods of rebelling against God, O! Christian what are you doing to serve the Master? As the world grows and increases in sin, what are you growing into as a Christian? Are you still the type of Christian who only believes in going to church and ‘minding your own business’ while the work of the MASTER lies comatose?

Are you the type of Christian who sits at ease in Zion, chasing for materials gains while ravenous birds plunder the ripe harvest of our LORD and SAVIOUR? As the world grows and specializes in sin, which is an indication that the END is near, JESUS CHRIST is saying that, this gospel of the Kingdom must be preached to all nations, and then the END will come. As the world grows in sin, grow in the labor of the MASTER by responding to making disciples of all nations. This is the way to make life meaningful in the midst of a meaningless generation.

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