What Can You Do If Someone Grabs Your Mouth From Behind?

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There is an intention behind any attack. Maybe you realize that instantly or maybe you do not realize that. If the attacker grabs your mouth, he does not want you to make any sound. He might take you somewhere forcefully.

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The attacker has to be behind your back in order to attack you like that. He may not come in front of you and grab you like that. Otherwise, you will see him in the first place. You will prevent him from doing that.

Most of the time, it happens suddenly. You can watch this video. If the attacker just grabs your mouth and there is a little space between you and the attacker, you can apply this technique shown in the video. Grab the attacker's hand and get behind him while holding his hand.

The attacker usually grabs you with both hands. And there might not be space between you and the attacker. Grabbing the attacker's hand and getting back like this might not work that time.

So what can you do?

As soon as the attacker grabs your mouth, grab the attacker's hand that is on your mouth. And quickly pull down. Now you can do elbow strike and hit his groin. You can turn and face the attacker. You can strike him more.

By the way, if the attacker grabs you tightly and you cannot pull his hand down, you can hit his foot. Your legs are free, so you can hit him. Then pull his hand down and get rid of that.

Hope you found it useful. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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