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"Topkapi Palace was one of the highlights of our trip. We were expecting to spend maybe a couple of hours here but surprised ourselves by spending most of the day here. Visiting on a sunny day which was a bonus as there are nice grounds to walk through. Topkapi-Palace-Harem-Imperial-Hall-13.jpg There are people offering guided trips when you queue to purchase tickets however we took our guide book in with us which provided us with enough information along with the signs in the museum. There are fantastic views of the Bosphorus and each room is different. For example there is a portrait room, Treasury and a clock room among many others. Don't miss Topkapi Palace - it will be a highlight of your trip."topkapi_palace-istanbul-1500x850.jpg wow-topkapi-palace-hotel.jpg
The palace is closed every Tuesday.
Don't underestimate how long you may spend here as there is a lot to see.
The queue for entry is long and once inside you have to queue to enter some of the rooms however the queues do move quickly.
Watch out for people trying to push in the queues. We noticed people sitting on the benches near the entry to rooms and then jumping into the queue.
The museum pass costing 85TL (at time of writing) includes entry to Topkapi Palace and Harem Apartments.
Not all areas of the Palace are open at once as they close parts of the museum for restoration.
At time of writing entrance costs 30TL plus an additional 15TL for the Harem. If you wish to enter the Harem you have to purchase the ticket with your general admission ticket.
Don't miss The Treasury.

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