Owning Masculinity - The Audio Book Introduction


Here's the audio introduction or back cover for the print version to my next book, Owning Masculinity.

It addresses the sexual abuse of the masculine under Patriarchy and how to fix it. Take a listen tell me what you think.

And share your preference on how you want to get the book: print, audio, or chapter by chapter release (for Patreon subscribers.)


  1. Introduction
  2. Thanks For Asking
  3. You’re Right – Male Shaming Is A Thing
  4. This Isn’t A #Hetoo Movement 
  5. Male Anatomy
  6. Pedophilia In Our Species
  7. The First Abuse
  8. ⅓ of Men
  9. Hurt And Repeat. Understanding The Cycle Of Abuse
  10. Consented Or Consenting
  11. Toxic Femininity
  12. Owning Masculinity

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