Why I consider masternodes in 2019?

7개월 전

Lately my team and I have been looking at a few masternode coins. Finding good masternode coins has been interesting to say the least. They often trade on shady exchanges with no offer of compensation to help recoup losses if that exchange goes under.

For those reasons we decided to stay away from coins offered on very few exchange.  For the reasons we are avoiding cloudy exchanges, we will only consider masternode coins available on Binance only.  If by chance you don’t have a Binance account, we desperately urge you to go  ahead and create one now : https://www.binance.com/?ref=13279805 , as this is the official @dogeinvestgroup Binance not only will joining help us but it should help you out as well. You’d be first in line for new offers and promotions from Binance and have chances to earn some free crypto..

I wont be going over how to actually create the account today as it is pretty straightforward. I will still answer any questions about Binance or concerns about what Binance actually is. 

I will go more in detail about what masternodes are and what they are used for in another article.  Let’s go ahead and get into the  coins.


Presently Dash masternode at $72k is presently the holy grail of the masternodes.  It requires 1,000 Dash. The node will generate up to 69 Dash per year. This masternode is so sought after because Dash is such a great value opportunity. Dash masternode investors are in it for the longterm.

Zcoin (XZC)

Zcoin is a $33 million marketcap privacy coin. It is also available on Binance and this masternode pays out around 164 XZC/ year which is more than $900 at today’s prices. Zcoin masternode will set you back around $5.5k and requires 1,000 coins to get started.

Pivx (PIVX)

Another privacy coin masternode available on Binance. The masternode requires 10,000 coins and costs about $7.8k. The coin is only .78 cents at the moment and presents an opportunity to make some extra money if this coin happens to increase in value over the year.

Masternodes can be educational to run and can generate some decent passive income on the sidelines. Because so many mnode coins are available it is always challenging picking up the right ones. Until exchanges are more liquid and perhaps even regulated can I see myself investing very heavy into lower marketcap masternodes. Hopefully this article shed some insight into masternodes on my watchlist. What’s your experience with masternodes? Any insights or tips you’d like to share?

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