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QT Wallet (Windows/Linux/OS X)


Windows: Windows 7, Server 2013 or higher.
OSX: MacOS 10.9 or higher.
Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04.
Static IP Address.
Port 29777 forwarded/open.
Preferably running on VPS.
Wallet Install:

Download the Fsscoin Wallet:
Windows Wallet
Linux Wallet
OS X Wallet
Prepare for installation.
Run fsscoin-qt & install to preferred location.

download (3).png

Encrypt your wallet for safety.
To encrypt the wallet, go to Settings > Encrypt wallet. Enter the passphrase, click ok. You will then have to restart the wallet and then go to Settings > Unlock Wallet and then enter the passphrase to unlock the wallet, for staking, controlling the masternode or sending FSSCOIN.
Choose a LONG/STRONG password. Write it down or save it somewhere OFFLINE.

Backup your wallet for safety.
Save to multiple locations. Encrypted USB drives are ideal.
Masternode Setup

Unlock Wallet.
Settings > Unlock Wallet
Open Console.

Create receiving collateral address.
Run getnewaddress MN01.
A new receiving address will show. Copy address.
Send the required 3001 FSScoin to run masternode to newly created address.
sendtoaddress copied-address 3000.
Run the command masternode genkey.
Copy address, we will use it later.
Run the command masternode outputs.
Copy complete output, we will use it later.

Edit masternode.conf file.
Go to Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File and add a line in the newly opened masternode.conf file with a text editor.

Open/edit masternode.conf file.

Following the format in this file, input all of your information.
Format:MN01 your_vps_ip_address:29777 your_masternode_key_output_from-masternode_genkey txhash_from-masternode_outputs Outputidx_from-masternode_outputs. Is your IP. Unsure? run ifconfig
88PgPt1sa612ogcJ8kUTokJnpifEoGqYS8U5F4K3eJXHkMhvExe is your masternode key from masternode genkey.
da2574ebd5d29be6efd2e245b970d11e76f80bed7c28e39565041c84b40fe80b is your txhash from masternode outputs.
Example:MN01 88PgPt1sa612ogcJ8kUTokJnpifEoGqYS8U5F4K3eJXHkMhvExe da2574ebd5d29be6efd2e245b970d11e76f80bed7c28e39565041c84b40fe80b 1
1 is your outputidx from masternode outputs.

Open the fsscoin.conf wallet configuration file and add the following:
Restart QT Wallet.
Head to Mastenodes tab.
Your Masternode instance should be visible.
Current status will be MISSING.

Enable the Masternode.
Open Tools > Debug console.
Enter the command masternode list-conf.
You should now see the newly added MasterNode with a status of MISSING.
Enter the command startmasternode alias false MN01.

Verify that the MasterNode is enabled and contributing to the network.
Enter the command masternode list-conf.
You should see the status of ENABLED.

Masternode setup is complete!

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