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NOTE: I had to repost this due to malicious flagging from Haejin.

It cost Haejin $0.99 SBD for each 1% downvote he gives us. So each time he flags a $0.03 SBD post, that is $0.96 SBD going back into the steem blockchain. So in order to defeat the dumb donkey, only upvote post to $0.03 SBD. And make many more post. Use Busy.org to upvote your post to $0.03 or $0.02 if others will upvote you to $0.03. There is no need to upvote it higher if he is flagging your post.

Just make a lot of post about him & have that moron keep wasting those 1% flags all day long. Then later if someone happens to come along & upvote you higher than his 1% flag, that dumb donkey will come back & reflag you.

That means he burned the 1% $0.99 flag & now is paying again to reflag you. He is a really stupid donkey. He gets really upset when he has to reflag post again. So keep the amounts low, then upvote them higher after he flags them.

That's how you mess with this dumb donkey's head. He will start saying dumb shit like this:

You are Steemit's most embarassing, hypocritical piece a shit!

No you dip shit! I said, fractals, Patterns and Indicator...you fucked up by not listening well!

Sure prick! You're useless for Steemit...isn't that plain and obvious?

Look here...the spychotic sociopath knews how to shpell!

You Dense IDIOT!

Dense, Idiot, Sociopath seem to be the donkey's favorite words. I'm not really sure what kind of English he speaks half the time either. Must be some kind of North Korean Commie-English he speaks.


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

*You are Steemit's most embarassing, hypocritical piece a shit!
It should be embarrassing instead of embarassing.